European countries reimpose a ban on US tourists

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European countries reimpose a ban on US tourists
Tourists wait in a queue to enter the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, Friday, Aug. 6, 2021. The so-called Green Pass is required from Friday to access indoor dining, theaters, indoor swimming pools, gyms, museums, and other gathering places and it is granted to anyone with at least one dose of vaccine in the last nine months, who has recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months or tested negative in the previous 48 hours. (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)/ image credit CNN

Why do European countries reimpose a ban on US tourists?

CNN | European travel for Americans started diminishing once again. The reason behind this is, countries adopt updated measures for recent US Covid cases.

European Union recently announced that the US fell from its safe-countries list due to not attempting cautionary measures in the pandemic. European Union suggesting 27 state members not allow entry of any US tourist. Many prime tourist destinations bring back to their normal position, the visitors from the United States chosen to ignore social distancing and wearing masks. Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden took their first step and imposed new rules.

The Netherlands imposed strict rules previously

On September 4, the Netherlands stated the United States as a high-risk area added Israel, Lebanon, North Macedonia, two other countries into their red list published on their government website. You are allowed only in these countries if you are fully vaccinated with ten days quarantine and, after quarantine, you must produce a negative covid test.

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Rules are strict now worldwide. It is our responsibility to keep our countries safe. The tourism industry is destroying this pandemic situation, but we can save our people by imposing a ban on high-risk countries.

Sweden banned all the dropped list nations, including the US

Sweden previously banned US travelers and now removed the country from the approved list along with Israel, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

In the beginning, no vaccinated person of these countries aren’t allowed, and now vaccinated or non-vaccinated, both types will not be able to travel in green list countries.

Italy response to this situation

Italy was among one of those first countries that opened its borders this year. Also introduced new rules for all countries and the US. But now, all visitors must show PCR or antigen covid test negative report within 72 hours of travel even if they are vaccinated.

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Did all the European countries ban US tourists?

Not all countries banned US travelers- some of them forbid all US visitors vaccinated and not vaccinated and, other countries come up with new measures to control the pandemic situation.

After the Delta wave arrival, covid cases increased rapidly in the US an increase in delta variant cases turns the red light on for us.

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