Evelyn Boswell: Detectives Find Remains of Missing Baby

Evelyn Boswell is a fifteen months old girl. According to the Memphis News Station, she is missing since late November. Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said that we found some remains of the same-aged baby from the property of her mother’s relatives. And we believed that these are the remains of little Evelyn Boswell. The investigation spokeswoman “Lesl ie Earhart” said that this is not the final and a sure update, but we hope to update everyone soon, after the complete investigation. Police will confirm the identity of this baby shortly, and we conducted an autopsy.

Evelyn Boswell
Evelyn Boswell

The revelation follows two weeks of endeavours from the neighbourhood, state and government specialists to find the youngster. She was exploring through meetings with her mother. Her mother changed her story each and whenever she told it to police and investigation officers.

Mother gave false reports to investigation officers:

 Megan Boswell
Megan Boswell

Last month, Cassidy said that her mother changed her words each time for everyone in our staff of investigations. Megan Boswell is the mother of Evelyn Boswell, and she arrested in February. Sheriff said that while in the inquiry, I had also observed that she made a lot of statements wrong. Her false statements were the main reason for our late investigation. 

Grandmother arrested to investigation officers:

Evelyn Boswell

After some days of the missing report of the little Evelyn Boswell, the police found her grandmother and investigated her. Police said that they arrested based on some scepticism. But now they thought that she included in this crime. She and her boyfriend “William McCloud.” were already charged for the stolen property case.

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