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Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards, also known as Anthony “Tony” Edwards is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Basketball League. He was born in Mississippi and spent most of his childhood years living and playing in New Orleans. He is a 6′ 3″ guard for the Minnesota Vikings. In 2004, he was selected number twenty-three overall by the Sporting News as the best player in their division and was also chosen as the NBA Western Conference Sixth Man of the Year.

Who is Anthony Edwards?

How did he get to where he is today?

Where did he play college basketball?

Did Anthony Edwards die in that plane crash in Mississippi?

We will answer these questions and more as we take a closer look at Anthony Edwards and our thoughts on his future basketball career in the next installment of our NBA playoff predictions.

Anthony Edwards played college basketball at the University of Alabama but was primarily a defensive presence on the team. He did play four years at the University of Alabama but didn’t have the type of star potential that many people thought he had when he went into the NBA draft after his senior year. Many believed that Anthony Edwards would become a superstar in the league one day but he has never really been able to live up to that potential. Today, he is an athlete to be respected on the court but not as a star.

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We’ll touch on some of the prospects that could join Anthony Edwards in our upcoming predictions of where he could end up in the near future. First, we’ll take a look at what ESPN has to say about him. ESPN says that Anthony Edwards is still listed as a point guard at Alabama although other outlets are saying that he might play shooting guard at some point. It appears as if Edwards might be more comfortable playing at a position other than the point guard at the NBA level in the near future. Regardless, it looks as if Edwards will remain a guard at least for the time being.

If you’ll recall during the ESPN college basketball season which ended in February, Anthony Edwards was listed as one of the five best players in the NCAA entering the 2010-2011 season. As the season wound down, his name was mentioned as a possible player for the NBA draft and several coaches in the NBA were quoted as calling him one of the top young players in the country. Now it looks as if he may have slipped into the second round of the NBA draft and into the right situation. This is good news for many college programs and even fans who thought they had lost him to the NBA.

The BEST Of Anthony Edwards From The Season So Far! / Video from NBA

Overall, we thought that Anthony Edwards would go somewhere in the second round of the NBA draft but it looks as though he might slip into the 2020 NBA draft and be an NBA All-Star. With Lebron James, Chris Paul, Russell Simmons, and Steve Blake already in the top five, it appears as if Edwards has a good chance of being the third overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. We are not saying that this is a lock but it appears as if he has a very good chance of being selected before the end of the 2020 NBA season. We look forward to seeing him in action when he returns to UK.

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