Evolution in paleontology reveals interesting facts

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mini dinosaur

Evolution in paleontology reveals interesting facts; this time “Forerunner” a mini dinosaur

As we all know that paleontology is a study that reveals  the history of life on Earth as based on fossils.

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This time an interesting study is made by a paleontology researcher Christian Kammerer, at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Minuscule Dinosaur “Kongonaphon Kely”

Kemmerer introduces a minuscule dinosaur Kongonaphan Kely, smaller than a cell phone. The study revealed that was an adult dinosaur.

That study was made on the basis of a growth ring on its bone. The fossil was dredged up in Madagascar. It happened 237 Million years ago.

Kongonaphon anatomy

We think that the mini-sized dinosaur was a free creature. He must be a free soul far away from men. When Kongonaphon was roaming the wild, jumping around with its strong hind legs and feeding on bugs with its peg-like teeth, Kammerer said.

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The study reveals its size 4 inches (10 centimeters) tall. Every such new study discovers some new facts about the history of fossils. This new study is published on Monday in the journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

A great pet of past

Kammerer further pondered that

“Some of these things would have been quite cute animals”.

The mini dinosaur was so easy to keep in your pocket or in your hand. “Would probably make a great pet”, Christian Kammerer said.

Insect- eating creature

This complete study opens some new facts for us. We can conclude that the dinosaur and pterosaur lineages started from some smallest ancestors. This intimates some new discoveries for paleobiology. Kongnonaphon used to eat some small insects or other small invertebrates. The name Kongnonphon means a tiny bug slayer. According to co-author and paleontologist John Flynn of the American Museum of Natural History New York,

“Evolution of gigantism from tiny ancestors is not uncommon in the fossil record”.

 Kammerer further told,

 “However, it fits the broader pattern that we observe at this time. There was a sustained trend towards smaller adult body sizes in the early history of this lineage. This is based not only on Kongonaphon but on a series of small-bodied reptiles near the common ancestry of the dinosaur and pterosaur lineages.” 

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