Exciting Top Walmart Black Friday 2019 Features And Deals To Check Out

Sales are exciting, and everyone wants to take advantage of them, especially Walmart Black Friday 2019 thrilling sales. Different companies and brands are competing with one another to give customers the best sales. Walmart is already discounting major headline brands which often do not go on sale till Black Friday. Some deals may even run out of stock prior to Black Friday; therefore, customers need to be on the lookout.

When to Expect Concerning Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals

Walmart will be launching their in-store Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving this year. Online shoppers can benefit from Black Friday deals on November 21, beginning at 10 p.m. ET. However, the store is providing customers with a variety of online Black Friday sales before this. It is possible to benefit from deals on products such as LED TVs, laptops, as well as basketball hoops that started coming on the website on November 8.

The difference for Walmart Black Friday 2019 Sale

There are some differences for this year’s exciting Black Friday. The online Black Friday sales aim to kick off one day before last year’s. Walmart even aims to host a pre-Black Friday gathering so as to hype up customers. A huge party will be thrown before Black Friday sales.

The inaugural Light Up Black Friday exciting party will be hosted by the chain on Thanksgiving, before the wonderful deals land. Walmart expects to give out to customers four million cups of tasty and free Keurig coffee as well as two million delicious Christmas cookies that will be from the store’s bakery.

When the in-store sales begin on Thanksgiving, Walmart aims to implement some measures to aid customers in navigating their way. Walmart’s app will have color-coded helpful Black Friday store maps. This updated map will have pins that will direct shoppers to the best eight Black Friday deals within the store.

Customers should know that the Black Friday map is going to be color-coded and will highlight top departments such as home, apparel, electronics, as well as toys. Walmart’s event circular will also be like this. The associates are going to distribute some printed-out maps. The store will have signs along with balloons that will signal shoppers to special deals.

Walmart does not want customers to wait in long lines when at the cash registers. For this, they want to place a yellow-sash-wearing “check out with me” type of associates across the store. The associates will be able to check out shoppers inside the department itself.

Below are some deals that shoppers can expect.

Top Walmart Black Friday 2019 Smartphone Deals

Those who are waiting for Black Friday to get a new smartphone, there are some wonderful deals from the top brands.

Walmart is offering customers deals on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and also iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are all shop deals. Get good discounts on the latest iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 6s is also on discount at Walmart and can be gotten for $149.00. Clients will save $150 on this. It is possible to shop this deal right now.

Exciting Tablet Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals

Tablets are also included in the Walmart Black Friday frenzy. The best brands are giving deals to customers.

From Walmart, the Apple iPad (6th Gen) 128GB having Wi-Fi is going for $299. It is possible to save a wonderful £130 on this. The deal can be shopped right now.

Other deals are available on tablets from Amazon as well. This includes attractive deals on the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet that has an 8-inch HD display and has 32 GB memory. It comes with a Blue Kid-Proof Case. This tablet is going for $98.99. One will be able to save $40 on it. This deal can be gotten from Amazon right now.

Walmart continues to see Black Friday like a special and important event, even though there is a perceived reduction of this sales-oriented day. They expect that it will be a wonderful event as has been the case in past years. Walmart wishes customers to select their store and so will introduce some features and rules that will help them shop relaxingly.

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