Experts warn that small volcano eruptions may “cascade” into a global disaster

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At present, most of the thinking about the risks posed by volcano disasters follows a simple equation. The greater the possible eruption, the greater the impact on society and human well-being. A panel of experts now believes that people are paying too much attention to the risk of large-scale but rare volcanic eruptions and too little attention to the potential domino effect of mild eruptions in key areas of the planet.’

Cambridge researchers have identified seven volcano 'pinch point' worldwide
Cambridge researchers have identified seven volcano ‘pinch point’ worldwide

Identified by (CSER):

Researchers led by the Cambridge University Centre for Survival Risk Research (CSER) have identified seven “pinches” in which relatively small but active volcanic clusters are located next to important infrastructure, which, if paralyzed, could have catastrophic global consequences.

The first author of the latest report, Dr. Lara Mani of CSER, said:

“Even if a small-scale eruption occurs in a certain area that we have identified, it may emit enough volcanic ash or generate enough vibrations to damage the global supply chain and the vital network of the financial system.” Mani and colleagues stated that smaller eruptions ranked 6 on the “volcanic eruption index”-rather than the 7s and 8s that tend to occupy catastrophic thinking-are prone to ash clouds, mudslides, and landslides that destroy the seafloor.

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The cable led to the financial crisis:

The closure of markets or the destruction of crop yields leads to food shortages and political turmoil.
The seven “pinch points” areas identified by experts-in these areas where relatively small eruptions can cause the greatest global chaos-include the volcanic clusters at the northern tip of Taiwan. As one of the largest electronic chip manufacturers, if this region together with the Port of Taipei-loses capacity indefinitely, the global technology industry may come to a standstill.

Mudslides and ash clouded volcanic eruption:

A volcanic eruption in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest of the United States may cause mudslides and ash clouds to cover Seattle and close airports and seaports. The scenario model of the Mount Rainier Level 6 eruption predicts that the potential economic loss will exceed US$7 trillion in the next five years. The Luzon Strait in the South China Sea is another important waterway and the key to all major submarine cables connecting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The researchers also identified a volcanic area that straddles the border between China and North Korea, from which volcanic ash would disrupt the busiest routes in the east, and pointed out that the reawakening of the Icelandic volcano would have the same effect in the west.

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