Explaining the Kendall Monroe and Nessa Barrett imitation scandal

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 Kendall Monroe

TikToker Kendall Monroe has apologized to fellow influencer Nessa Barrett after being accused of excessively mimicking the ‘La Di Die’ singer, but the drama continues.

Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae are two of the most popular creators on TikTok, and each of them have ‘copycats’ that are very identical to the two stars.

TikToker and singer/songwriter Nessa Barrett is the most recent creator to receive a ‘doppelganger’ in fellow influencer Kendall Monroe; nonetheless, some followers have a negative reaction to Kendall’s material.

On social media, many are criticizing Kendall for allegedly mimicking Nessa Barrett in severe ways.

Did Kendall Monroe copy Nessa Barrett?

Fans are sure that Kendall is mimicking Nessa’s hairstyles, makeup, and clothing.

Some are even juxtaposing their TikTok videos, noting that Kendall appears to have gotten significant inspiration from Nessa for her own stuff.

 Kendall Monroe

In addition, viewers accused Kendall of replicating one of Nessa’s tattoos, which she had acquired with the deceased TikTok star Cooper Noriega in June 2022. The pair received two butterflies on their left hands, while Kendall received three in a very similar fashion.

In her most recent videos, fans have noted that she has adopted Nessa’s trademark vocal fry.

After the copycat backlash, Kendall Monroe apologizes to Nessa Barrett.

In response to the reaction, Kendall issued a public apology to Nessa, claiming that her TikTok account was created as a “experiment” to “truly explore how much hatred there was in the world of social media.”

“I want to apologize to Nessa since I never intended to make her uncomfortable in any way during the previous couple of months,” she added. “…I am neither infatuated with Nessa nor have I ever wished I were Nessa.”

Nessa Barrett attacks Kendall Monroe on allegations of plagiarism.

 Kendall Monroe

Nessa reacted to Kendall’s apology by posting a now-deleted comment that said, “Boo, you stink.”

She also attacked the TikToker in a series of now-deleted videos in which she jokingly said she was getting “both of my nipples sliced off” and a “tattoo of a young goat’s butt” on her cheek, as if daring Kendall to perform an extreme copycat prank.
Kendall responds to Nessa Barrett’s imitation remarks.

Not long after, Kendall responded to Nessa’s cutting remarks with a series of images in which she wore a snapshot of a goat on her cheek.

“Guys, I just awoke, but how do you feel about my new tattoo?

” she wrote in the caption.

Kendall uploaded a second photo of herself wearing a hoodie with the caption, “Also, I just had my nipples lopped off.”

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She retaliated to Nessa’s remark by posting a second photo with the word “b**ch” on it.

Nessa subsequently addressed the controversy on a livestream in which she said she was “not putting up” with Kendall’s “disrespectful words” and accused the TikToker of “roleplaying” as her.

“It makes me feel uneasy. It upsets me greatly. It makes me angry, but I cannot do anything about it. That is the case.”

This is not the first time Kendall has been accused of imitating Nessa; the TikTok star was contacted by photographers in May when fans took issue with her ‘copying’ Nessa’s Instagram pictures, as well as Nessa herself stating that Kendall’s posts made her feel “uncomfortable.”

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