#ExposeFacebook: Why Facebook is supporting Israel against Palestine. Read it out the whole story below!

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Many of Instagram and Facebook user accused both the platform owned by mark Zuckerberg for being bias towards Israel. They claimed that their posts and content has been taken down by the Facebook and Instagram in which they raise voice against the Iniquity and injustice in Palestine done by Israel Armed forces on innocent Muslim Palestine. That is now very clearly seen that how Facebook is supporting Israel Occupation and shutting mouth of the people who are raising their voices against them.


Having simply resolved that censorship effort, Facebook looks to be smartly appeal another. The Associated Press reports that these days, Facebook is supporting Israel and the Israeli government and Facebook have united to figure along to work out a way to tackle incitement on the social media network. These undercover deals are happening as the govt pushes ahead with legislative steps meant to force social networks to rein in content that Israel says, inciting violence. In alternative words, we can say that Israel is close to legislatively force of Facebook to censor contents deemed by Israeli officers and it is not appropriate and Facebook seems desirous to appease those threats by operating directly with the Israeli government to work out what content ought to be expurgated.

The joint Facebook-Israel censorship efforts, gratuitous to mention are directed at Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians who oppose Israeli occupation.

After seeing the some Israel support pages creating hatred speech but still doesn’t taken down, makes that clear Israel has argued that a wave of violence with the Palestinians over the past year has been fueled  by incitement, abundant of it unfold on social media sites such Facebook and Instagram. According to a report in the year 2015, Israel has begun actively surveilling Palestinians for the content of their Facebook posts and even checked them out for some of their clear political speech. Israel’s obsession with dominant Palestinians, who use social media as a power driven by the method enabled political organizing by occupation opponents. A demonstration against the Israeli occupation may be organized during a matter of hours, whereas the watching of Palestinians is formed easier by the big digital footprint they leave on their laptops and mobile phones and this is the reason Israel wanted to cutoff the connection of Palestinians with the world.

Notably, according to sources Israel and Facebook has shaken hands and signed a treaty to collaborate together in future. The deal was proposed legislation that seeks to force social networks to get rid of content that Israel considers to be incitement. Last year there were reports that say that in the early times before the deal, Facebook received extraordinarily compliant with Israeli censorship demands and claims that over the past four months Israel submitted 158 requests to Facebook to get rid of inciting content and Facebook has accepted those requests and 95 percent of the cases were considered but today when millions of people are demanding and wanted to get their answers, Facebook have nothing to say except this which Facebook’s Instagram tweeted:


All of this underscores the severe dangers of getting our public discourse overtaken, regulated, and controlled by some conceited people. This would be now very interesting to know that, how comfortable by the thought that benevolent Facebook executives like Mark Zuckerberg is aiming to shield US from “hate speech” and “incitement” or “terrorism.”

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This is as clear as we understand that an extremely subject to manipulation for propagandist ends. Does one trust Facebook or the Israeli government to assess once a Palestinian’s post against Israeli occupation and aggression passes over into censorship-worthy “hate speech” or “incitement”?

While the main target here is on Palestinians’ “incitement,” it’s really quite common for Israelis to use Facebook to urge violence against Palestinians, together with settlers urging “vengeance” once there’s an attack on Israeli. Indeed, because the Washington Post recently noted that Palestinians have additionally taken issue with social-media platforms, speeches they incite violence associated foster an Israeli discourse of hate, racism and discriminatory attitudes against Palestinians.

In 2014, thousands of Israelis used Facebook to post messages “calling for the killing of Palestinians.” once associate force occupying soldier was inactive for shooting and killing a wounded Palestinian purpose blank within the head last year, force troopers used Facebook to praise the killing and justify that violence, with online Israeli mobs gathering in support. Team serving to Facebook confirms what to censor and who has used Facebook to post such an extremist and violence-inducing rhetoric against Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his alternative prime ministers posted many times where they used an hate speech targeting people of Palestine but their posts and tweets were not taken down in fact their posts gets more likes than any celebrity’s usual post although the comment present under the post were not in the favor of what they said.

Facebook is supporting Israel
Facebook is supporting Israel

Can anyone imagine Facebook deleting the posts of distinguished Israelis business for accrued violence or oppression against Palestinians? So, is it even doable to imagine Facebook deleting the posts of American citizens or western Europeans who incorporate aggressive wars or alternative sorts of violence against preponderantly Muslim countries, or against critics of the West? Sorry but we can’t even imagine this!

To raise the question is to answer it. Facebook could be a personal company, with a legal obligation to maximize profit, so it’ll interpret terribly slippery ideas like “hate speech” and “inciting violence” to please those that wield the best power. It’s therefore impossible that Facebook would ever dream of deleting this kind of actual support or incitement of violence.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has full rights to own his company as whatever ways he wants but thinking about what is wrong and what is right makes us human differ from animals. May be he getting a huge bundle for supporting Israel.

Here are some key points, which we wanted you to also take a glance. If anyone is willing to answer these questions we will assume that may be we are thinking wrong about Facebook collaborating with Israel.

1) Has FB ever met with Palestinian leaders in an endeavor to spot and suppress posts from Israelis that incite violence? Is there any decide to do so?

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2) If associate Israeli advocates that Palestinians be attacked or bombed, would those posts violate FB’s terms of service and be deleted? Have any ever been?

3) What role exactly, is the Israeli government taking part in serving FB to determine content that ought to be barred?

4) FB mentioned it that they attended around 95 percent of the requests from Israeli officers to get rid of content. What proportion of requests from Palestinians to get rid of content has been accepted?

5) If somebody says that Israel’s occupation is prohibited and will be resisted exploitation all means that, would that be permitted?

acebook is supporting Israel against Palestine
acebook is supporting Israel against Palestine

It will be not an exaggeration if we say that right now Facebook is one of the huge platform where millions of users all over the world and globally connected. If such things are happening in such types of platform then it will be difficult for anyone to prevail the truth. If the content will be shared of one party and other party’s content will be removed then it is clearly a bias platform.

Take an example that when someone’s government wins and the opposition does not have any clue that what make them lose while they got majority of votes. This would be only possible when the system is beguiled and defraud. So here this is systems problem not any government. If you are welcoming someone then only he can share your powers.

One of the major guarantees of any organization whether it is a platform or web or any potential profit plat is to have ability to equalize disparities, to modify the effective to speak as freely and powerfully because the powerful, and to politically organize in way more economical ways. Those people who raised their voice for Palestine using Facebook, Instagram or twitter know how difficult it was for them as censor contents were uncensored and taken down while the violent pages which goes against their rules spreading hate speech are given more followers and likes by Facebook. Because of this many of the noble motives are hidden from the world.

This is very ridiculous to see how one sided game was played by Facebook supporting Israel Occupation. Imagine any state of affairs additional at odds with the internet’s promise than Facebook executives and therefore the Israeli government meeting to make your mind up what Palestinians can and cannot be allowed to mention. Every nation has right to put their point freely in front of the world so do Palestine has to ask for justice and equality.

We can just hope for things to get better for our Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters. We believe that truth shall be prevailing soon and this ‘conflict’ word will be clearly declared as ‘genocide’ according to the situation in Palestine and strict action will be taken against the culprits.

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