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Gaynor Barr Taylor was a Trump supporter backed by former Democrats in Knightstown, Indiana. Whenever Facebook and Twitter verify President Donald Trump and other Republicans’ claims about the November election being rigged when the facts are restricted, his blood pressure will rise.

TRUMP supporters’ anger on twitter and facebook
TRUMP supporters’ anger on twitter and facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook issued a notice in one of her posts asking users to refer to the official election results,

“I need a bigger oath before President Trump completes his second term.”

A recent poll showed that most people on both sides believe that political censorship may be conducted on social media, but this belief is the most common in political rights. Moreover, with the current president’s endless attempts to overthrow the election and stick to the White House’s efforts, the country is constantly developing.

The researchers said they did not find any evidence to support the Republican Party’s complaints because the leading American social media company suppressed conservative voices.

Johnson said, “There is evidence that the content of highly conservative news sites is favored by Facebook’s algorithm.”

An analysis of millions of social media posts by Politico and the Institute for Strategic Dialogues, a non-partisan think tank, found that right-wing social media influencers, the media, and other GOP supporters promote online conversations about black life issues and voter fraud, two of the most intense election issues.

Trump tweets


Facebook told Politico in September that right-wing figures have a clear advantage on the platform, not because the algorithms favor conservatives, but because they connect with people on an internal level.

When asked why Dan Bongino and Ben Shapiro were so involved, a Facebook executive told Politico: “Right-wing populism is always more attractive.” Executives said that the content expresses “an incredibly strong, primitive emotion” by touching on these topics.​​ As “nation, protection, each other, anger, fear”.

Researchers agree that the algorithm has no political affiliation or party. Instead, the algorithm is biased towards content that arouses a strong response from users, thereby attracting them, so that Facebook and Twitter can earn more advertising revenue.

Why TRUMP is against Facebook and Twitter

Donald Trump
Ex President Donald Trump

The prejudiced perception of social media has been around for a long time, but in recent years, this perception has intensified as the president has made “abuse of social media” the main content of his administrative and re-election campaigns.

A report from the Pew Research Center in August showed that 9 of 10 Republicans and independents who tended to be Republican said that social media platforms have censored what they think is irritating at least to some extent. Disgusting political views rose slightly from 85{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} in 2018.

Trump has 89 million followers on Twitter and nearly 35 million followers on Facebook. He wields one of the biggest megaphones on social media, which will help him shape national conversations long after he leaves office.

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When Trump appeared in court with Attorney General William Barr in September, he said, “Every year, through arbitrary or malicious enforcement of changing rules, countless Americans are banned, blacklisted and kept silent.”

The underlying reason is that a small group of large companies that control online conversations in the country is gradually feeling uncomfortable.

Some right-wingers, including radio host Mark Levin and Fox News host Sean Hannity, have joined social media alternatives such as Paller, whose pro-Trump conspiracy theories and the trend toward voter fraud the baseless allegations are not restricted.

TRUMP supporters

What are TRUMP supporters saying about Facebook?

Researchers say that many groups from various political fields believe that their views and opinions are under siege by social media, but it is difficult to prove that the platform is biased against any group because they rarely disclose how to decide what to allow and what The content is not.

Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated that their platforms strike a balance between promoting free expression and eliminating hatred, abuse, and misinformation on the platform. They admitted that they had made some implementation errors, but said their policies were applied fairly to everyone.

According to Baer-Taylor, the increasing scrutiny of right-wing voices during the COVID-19 pandemic and the presidential election has helped hijack the right to vote and sell the election to Joe Biden.

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Equally frustrating is the 47-year-old Krishnan Seshasayee, an IT architect and Trump supporter from Illinois, who favors the Republican Party but participated in the 2008 Obama campaign Activities and donate to Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign during this election cycle.

Seshasayee believes that social media should be seen as a tool that enables people to make a sound, such as a microphone or a pen.

Social media should stop such content
Donald J. Trump

Social media should stop such content

Facebook and Twitter have held meetings with well-known conservatives to resist continued accusations of liberal bias, fueling speculation that Dorsey and Zuckerberg are trying to appease Trump by not letting his crosshairs appear.

Twitter’s Dorsey told lawmakers in November that the platform should be open to users on how to make content review decisions and should provide a direct way to call for review decisions. He also wants to see the algorithms that users can choose to determine what content they see on the platform.

However, conservative writer Denise McAllister said that increasing transparency would not help.

These platforms cannot review content consistently or fairly, so the only way to restore public trust is to withdraw from the content review business unless threats of violence or other illegal activities occur, even during election cycles of partisan propaganda and misinformation. She believes that this phenomenon spreads very strongly.

“This is a platform, right? You don’t need to behave like Mom’s Twitter or Facebook. Just let people say what they want to say, whether it’s right, wrong, or otherwise. McAllister said: “You have to just believe The people as an individual, rather than trying to exert power, because you will exercise power inconsistently. “Man Wants to Tell Women (But Can’t)” and “Spy’s Gate: Donald J. Trump’s Attempted Destruction.”

She said, “Giving up goodwill, stopping trying to do things that you will not be able to accomplish, and just dealing with the fact that freedom is a mess. Free speech will offend everyone.” She said, “One way or another, everyone needs to Put on big girl’s underwear, big boy’s underwear, then deal with it, and stop trying to protect everyone’s feelings.”

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