Facebook Gaming: A fine repackaging of Facebook’s existing gaming service.

Muhammad Fahad
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Facebook gaming
Facebook Gaming for avid gamers.

Facebook Gaming service is one of the best service providers for gaming. A few years back, people were forcing each other to play their favorite games on Facebook. ‘These games included puzzles or virtual farms that anyone gets addicted to once they start playing it. Facebook Gaming service is an excellent video game live streaming service.

It makes the users broadcast themselves playing the game and then watching the same when others do it. It’s a state of the art streaming service with an AI-powered mobile broadcasting feature.

Facebook Gaming offers you a lot of services that overlap each other. There is a website that you can access from the desktop.

There is also a gaming section of the Facebook mobile app, which is like the Facebook Datin, which is one more extensive section of the app while you can live stream and watch other players playing the game.

Facebook gaming is exclusively available for Android and IOS. The existing version of the app allows you to view the gaming streaming if you are in a hurry.

You can’t only broadcast, but it also allows you to see what other players are doing in their gaming world.

It has already put it in the mobile viewing apps from Caffeine and Mixer. The competitor of the app, Twitch already has mobile broadcasting apps on Mobile IOS and Android. Mobcrush’s app is already dedicated to this.

Facebook Gaming:

First, you would need a Facebook account for Gaming. The app asks you which is your preferred language.

The app also asks you about your gaming interests and which games would you be interested. You can discover several streams happening around the world.

The app behaves pretty much like the social networking apps itself. The theme of the app is dark blue with a light blue contrast. You can like, share comments on any stream you like.

If you want to bookmark your favorite game, you can mark it as your favorite game.

At the top of the feed, there are many options that you can explore.

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