Facebook said it will change the name of its annual VR event Oculus and entire AR/VR organization

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Facebook said it will change the name of its augmented reality and virtual reality organization to ” Facebook Reality Labs “, which will cover the company’s Oculus, Spark and Portal branded AR/VR products.

The company’s AR/VR research department changed its name from Oculus Research to Facebook Reality Labs in 2018. This department is now called FRL Research. Facebook also announced that its annual virtual reality developer conference Oculus Connect will be renamed to Facebook Connect and will be fully implemented on September 16.

In a sense, the name change just shows that since the acquisition of Oculus in 2014. Facebook’s product ambitions in the AR/VR world have grown.

Facebook is no longer just building headsets. They are also building augmented reality glasses. They are adding AR software integration to their core applications and Instagram through Spark AR. Yes, they are still using Facebook Portal to do something.

In another sense:

Adding the word “laboratory” to the end of a department that has been several years old. Where you have spent billions of dollars to realize several products, seems to make Facebook double the consideration that all of them are:

  •  (1) Quite experimental,
  • (2) Little contribution to Facebook’s bottom line.

This seems to be a possible location for Facebook’s moon events in the future.

This change may upset some Oculus users. Facebook’s reputation issues seem to occupy a particularly important position among PC gamers. Which makes some Oculus fans generally dissatisfied with any news that the Oculus brand is far below the core Facebook organization.

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Last week:

The company shared that new Oculus headset users will need to log in to the platform with their Facebook account. And over time, they will phase out Oculus accounts. This change caused opposition from insiders. It is believed that Facebook will keep the distance between more core social applications and its virtual reality platform.

At present:

Oculus is still the brand name of the VR headset sold by Facebook. The company insists that the brand has not developed in any way. But in terms of direction, Facebook’s goal is to bring the brand closer to its wingspan.

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