Facial Recognition is controversial but could solve alot of problem of the modern world!

Muhammad Fahad
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The advancing facial recognition technology could open doors for a new world for us.

The facial recognition technology has been around in the world for like 50 years, and it has been the fastest growing technology in the world.

With such a faster rate in its expansion and its vitality around the globe, it could help the experts diagnose the deadly covid-19 virus.

The technology is being used by government experts around the world to track COVID-19 patients . Facial recognition plays a vital role in secret missions across the globe to follow suspicious people.

Facial recognition is being used around the world for many reasons; one of them may be to help identify people at airports, security check posts, and even streets. The facial recognition is spreading faster than the CCTV cameras.

According to the officials, people should start being open about this technology. They should accept it the way it is rather than being worried about privacy breaches because it is for their safety.

However, it is not clear whether this technology would be useful for the people wearing masks as people are protecting themselves from the deadly COVID virus while the government is advising the people to wear masks at any point in time when they come out in public.

Biometric identification is also making its way to identify people in large gatherings and during security check-ups. Governments around the world are thinking of coming up with COVID protected passwords for people who like to travel.

Facial recognition is being widely used in casinos as well as in private companies for attendance purposes.

Casinos in Macau have been found to use such technologies to identify people who have lost a lot of money while playing. Similarly, sites run by the Las Vegas Sands and MGM resorts were also found to bring the technology to use.

While Uber is using facial recognition also to force people to wash their hands when they enter a ride.

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