Fact Check: Why Caroline Flack killed herself?

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Caroline Flack
Why Caroline Flack killed herself?

Caroline flack attempted suicide, but, what’s the reason behind her suicide? Is she feared about her public trial?

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Host of Love Island Caroline Flack took a serious step and ended her own life by attempting suicide.

But the reason behind her death is not any other rumor, it’s just a fear, she knew she would be prosecuted for assaulting her boyfriend named Lewis Burton. She was scared of being ruined on social media and publicity of her case.

Even though, her mental status was also important in this case. Why she was afraid about her case? Is she had done some dark shit or all of these rumors are just hiding the actual secret behind her attempting suicide?

 Coroner Mary Hassell stated that

I find the reason for her taking her life as she knew that she would face publicity of her case of assaulting her boyfriend she would face the media press releases it would all come down upon her.

Caroline Flack
Caroline Flack

(Statement given to sky news)

She took her life after the two months of his boyfriend assaulting case. She died at the age of 40 in stoke Newington London on Feb 15, 2020. She was disturbed after stepping down from the big and hit reality show, she loved her job. Losing her job was a shock for her mental health and it disturbed him so much.

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She spent a charming life and achieves everything that she wanted in her life but she wasn’t expecting that case will ruin her career so badly.

Caroline Flack
Caroline Flack

Her family statement on her suicide

Her mother told the court that Caroline was let down by the high authorities and significantly the cps

(Confirmed by eastern daily press) She also said Caroline was very upset in her face devastated after stepping down from her ideal job.

Her fears to face people kill her so badly and it is not a suicide, authorities make her finish her life. She lost her fight, even that day when she attempted suicide she looked so sad and lifeless.

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