Family/movie Ryan Reynolds collaborates with Netflix to produce new comedy movie

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It seems that Netflix likes to work with Ryan Reynolds. But then again, who wouldn’t?

There is no doubt that the Canadian actor is currently one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and currently at different stages of development. She has no less than 10 films. To prove that he likes to be busy, he added another one to his tablet in the form of Upstate, a new comedy heading to Netflix.

After the two collaborated on “The Nines” in 2007, Reynolds will take a photo with John August. Deadpool Star will also perform production through his “Best Effort” label, and will also serve as the EP in August. In addition, the details of this new project basically do not exist.

Original comedy:

Only described as an original comedy, no plot information is available, and no other actors are named except Reynolds. Given that it’s still in its infancy, we can’t imagine anyone else will officially sign. But with Netflix now starting to shoot this movie, things will start to develop soon.

Of course:

 This is a far cry from the anchor’s first collaboration with Reynolds, because he previously designed 6 Underground for Runder, which was a huge success. In addition to the untitled time travel movie currently in production, he also developed the action blockbuster “Red Notice” for the platform.

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In recent years:

Netflix has managed to attract big-name talent by spending a lot of money and giving a lot of creative freedom. Their bids on large-scale streaming media projects exceeded those of major studios and provided a way out for other films. That major studios simply did not want to produce, such as Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman.”

 In this case, Ryan Reynolds, one of the industry’s most popular stars, collaborates with screenwriters of the same needs to produce original comedies, which seems to be what rival studios are pursuing. But it was the strength of Netflix that won this day. As more detailed information is released, we will make sure to keep in touch with you. The news was passed to us via the “deadline”.

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