Fans got offended by noticing Naya Rivera, Jessica Walter and Adam Schlesinger, missing out from ‘In Memoriam’

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In most of the award show there’s a Memoriam segment where all the passed brilliant stars were remembered and appreciated for all their efforts. Similarly there was a segment in the recent Oscar awards where they pay tributes to some amazing late stars in the industry. Fans seem very disappointed by the Memoriam nominees. They took the platform of twitter to show their anger and how disappointed they are by not including such great people like Naya rivera, Jessica Walter, Adam Schlesinger and some other stars like Chadwick Boseman.

“It was actually a good show until the In Memoriam then everything crashed and burned,”

one tweeted.
Late actress Naya Rivera and Jessica Walter not included in memoriam.
Late actress Naya Rivera and Jessica Walter not included in memoriam.

Twitter users were fast to notice that Naya Diego Rivera and Jessica Walter were not named in the list of memoriam. The late actress acted in many great movies such as comedy movie in 2017 which was “Mad Families” where she showed her acting skills. She was declared dead in 2020 in the month of June as she went for a boating with her son and didn’t come back. The news says she is drown or met an accident along with her son. Meanwhile, Walter was another famous actress known for her acting skills. She died at the age of 80. And this would be such disrespect if such a senior artist is not getting any tribute where they invested half of their lives.

“The In Memorium section of the #Oscars is always rough, but how on earth did they not include Jessica Walter,”

someone wrote.

The “In Memoriam” conjointly did not added Adam Schlesinger in the tribute list as he died of Coronavirus at the age of fifty two in April 2020.

Adam Schlesinger died at the age of 51.
Adam Schlesinger died at the age of 51.

In addition, some fans noted Adam Schlesinger was appointive for Best Original Score for ‘That factor You Do!’ in the year 1997 but still he wasn’t got featured within the In Memoriam and each year they miss some of the talented folks within the In Memoriam. Twitter user bashed the academy awards for not mentioning them in the role of honor.

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“I know every year they miss some people in the In Memoriam, but not including Adam Schlesinger is a REALLY big miss. #Oscars,”

another one wrote.

Fans got disappointed by the nominees of Memoriam of Oscar awards. They took the platform of the twitter to express their disappointment and how hurt they are by not seeing the tribute to those skillful stars. Fans questioned that how they can forgot a mention legendary stars like Naya Rivera, Jessica Walter and Adam Schlesinger.

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