Fans Respond to Billie Eilish and Her Boyfriend’s Couples Costume: ‘It’s Pedophilic’

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Billie Eilish

This Halloween, our favorite aristocrats and nepotists went to great lengths to provide us with some decent monsters. The reproduction of several of Beyoncé’s most famous music videos by Lori Harvey. This level of attention to detail needs not only a bloated budget, but also a commitment to the smallest of details. Regarding the latter, Billie Eilish, 20, and her new lover, Jesse Rutherford, 31, utilized the holiday to strengthen their controversial connection.

A week after the new couple became public, causing fans to express concern about their 11-year age gap, Eilish and Rutherford dressed as a baby, complete with diaper, and an elderly guy, replete with suspenders and fake (?) wrinkles.

Billie Eilish

Interesting idea for a couple’s costume, wouldn’t you agree? At best, the local Spirit Halloween store ran out of Barbie and Ken costumes; at worst, these two are embracing the criticism and having some fun, much to the dismay of her admirers.

Pop Crave was the first to publish photos of Eilish and Rutherford in costume, which elicited the same responses as their dinner-date premiere. One customer remarked, “This isn’t the pop we’re really yearning.” “It’s giving rise to pedophilia, umm,” tweeted another user.

Billie Eilish

Eilish, on the other hand, is unfazed by the outrage, given that she just posted photographs from All Hallows’ Eve. She described the events of the holiday weekend, which included Rutherford in a clown costume, on Instagram, with the last slide having her in a frilly bib and bonnet costume with her faux-elderly partner. The caption? “life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy🤡 happy halloween🎃🥰”

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Indeed, life is insane. Momentarily, you are 15 and hanging out with your older brother’s pal. You will then apply his bald cap while wearing a silk diaper.

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