FBI released new photos of her missing mother in Florida

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released new intelligence in the case of the missing mother Leila Cavett.  Federal authorities released new surveillance photos of a Georgia woman who was reported missing last month after her 2-year-old boy was found wandering alone in an apartment complex in South Florida.

According to WSVN:

According to WSVN, at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, the FBI agent in charge of Miami, George Piro told reporters that the agency is actively seeking a large number of clues to find 21-year-old Leila Cavite, he was reported missing on July 26. Miramar police found her white Chevrolet in the area on July 28.

US TV said:

According to U.S. television, the FBI released a photo of Cavite holding his son Candan Cavite Arnold on a cookie bucket on Vero Beach near Interstate 95 on July 24. According to television reports, the FBI also released photos taken the next day at RaceTrac gas stations in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. According to television reports, the FBI also released photos of Cavite getting in and out of the Lexus car around 3pm, and photos of her and her son returning to RaceTrac station around 10:20pm. Miramar Police learned that Cavett had recently been to Florida, and the last location she knew was probably near Hollywood Boulevard and US 441.

Piro said:

Piro said investigators are looking for people who may have met Cavite. Piro told reporters: “We believe that some people familiar with the situation of Laila’s disappearance are still in our community, while some have left the area.” Cavitt’s disappearance appeared in “Dr. According to the “Sun”, the episode of “Phil” was broadcast on Thursday afternoon. The show included interviews with Cavitt’s mother Tina Kirby and her brother. Interview with Curtis Kirby. Both newspapers stated that they did not know why Cavite went to South Florida.

Tina Kobe said that Cavite lives in the Atlanta area with her uncle. Her mother said on the show that Cavite had already listed some items for sale on Facebook Marketplace a few days before she disappeared.

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