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A federal judge has issued released order of Michael Cohen

A federal judge has issued released order of Michael Cohen;

Because the court discovered that. The government had sent him back to prison in vengeance for a whistleblower he was writing about President Donald Trump.

Judge Alvin Hellerstein rejected the prosecutor’s argument

At a telephone hearing on Thursday, Judge Alvin Hellerstein rejected the prosecutor’s argument that. The prosecutor did not develop a release form prohibiting Cohen from contacting the media. Hellerstein said there was no “inference”, it is nothing but sounds like the revenge. Therefore, why should Cohen take back to federal custody?

What is the purpose of transferring Mr. Cohen from furlough to prison? It completely sounds retaliatory. If it is, sound retaliatory because he wanted to exercise his First Amendment rights to publish a book. And discuss issues about this book. Any content or any other content he wishes to discuss on social media.

Hellerstein said;

“In the 21 years of serving as a judge and sentence giver and studying the terms and conditions of supervision and release, I have never seen such a clause.”

Cohen sued the Justice Department on Monday, alleging that he was re-detained on July 9. Also, it was just to stop the publication of his book. The book is scheduled to be released in September, two months before the presidential election.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stated. That it has been noticed in the Trump administration has a history of attempts to block the books of critics. It has already happened like former national security adviser John Bolton.

Cohen should release at 2 pm

The judge ordered Cohen should release at 2 pm. Friday will serve three years in home imprisonment. Cohen will also be tested for coronavirus before leaving prison.

As part of the transaction, Cohen agreed to several other release conditions that he initially refused.including his seeking approval to engage in any possible work, electronic surveillance, and a requirement that his family must-do chores for him and go shopping in the grocery store.

However, while expressing his approval for Cohen, the judge also stated that he will need some conditions because it relates to Cohen’s dealings with the media.

Hellerstein said;

“Just like there is no press conference from a prison cell, you shouldn’t hold a press conference at home. You can communicate, you can discuss, and you can post on social media.”

He added; “You cannot turn a person imprisoned in a prison or at home into a completely free person. There must be a restriction.”

The judge gave the time to Cohen’s lawyers and prosecutors. Therefore, they can negotiate terms of contact with the media and one week is enough for this.

Cohen’s lawyer Danya Perry

Cohen’s lawyer Danya Perry called the decision “victory of the First Amendment.” She added; “This principle goes beyond politics and we are happy that the rule of law prevails.”

There is another latest turning point in Cohen’s legal drama. He implored guilty to tax fraud, lying to Congress, and violating campaign finance charges in 2018. Because they facilitated quiet payments to two women accused of past events with the president. Trump denies having happened to these women.

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As part of the release plan adopted by the Bureau of Prisons in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Cohen was released to furlough in late May.

A photographer for the New York Post captured the experience of Cohen dining with his wife and another couple at a restaurant. Cohen said this did not violate his release clause.

In the second week, Cohen reported to the court, transferred him to a home confinement room, and installed an electronic monitoring device. Cohen opposed many conditions and then detained them.

The prosecutor said that Cohen resigned because he became aggressive and unwilling to agree to these terms. They told the judge that the probation officer of the authorization form and prison bureau officials did not know that Cohen was writing the book.


The judge rejected their argument, saying that Cohen had been released unconditionally during his leave, but the situation changed after he returned to the press.

The judge said: “Suddenly when the article in the New York Post was published, the BOP knew that Cohen was writing the book and it was likely to be completed before the election. This is conditional.”

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