Filming in Croatia: Dubrovnik welcomes Hollywood movies and American tourists

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The “Islander II” produced by the American-Croatian film is a fantasy and adventure film. Usually called the Croatian version of the “Hunger Games” series, which has now been successfully produced.

In a highly secure and anti-infection-controlled environment, the film was shot in Dubrovnik. A city in southern Dalmatia and more than 250 COVID-19 tests were performed on the crew and staff of the project.

The plot takes place after the end of the world, exploring the relationship between humans and dying nature.

 Film works include well-known figures in the American and British film industry, such as Joey Anza, James Cosmo, Caroline Goodall; Hook 1991, Cliffhanger 1993, Disclosure 1994. White Squall 1996 and The Princess Diaries 2001), Marco Ilso And Gilles Geary, this quasi-American actor of Dutch descent.

Dubrovnik, the medieval city with impressive wgalls, has been transformed into the fabulous city of Argos. Through the use of special effects and video game post-production geographic mapping techniques.

Dubrovnik used to shine in Hollywood, such as “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars.”

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Hollywood’s vision and the great US-Croatian relationship

An interesting fact is that Croatia is one of the few EU countries that will allow American citizens to enter Croatia in the summer of 2020 under a reasonably loose entry system.

The ABC news program “Good Morning America” ​​reported the story of this regime and the story of Americans eager to travel to Croatia in 2020.

COVID-19 conditions for movie scenes

Given that there are nearly 200 people working on-site at a specific moment. The product must follow a strict safety protocol, which uses the “isolation foam” workstation concept.

All production processes in “Islander II” are strictly divided into different departments:

Costume design, visual effects, photographers, creative staff, actors, and actors. Each department must work in its own independent department, and cross-departmental interaction is small.

Only a few people have interacted, and the interactions are mapped to the extent that everyone knows where they can move. Who they can contact with, when, and for how long. Masks and body protection masks must be used on site.

What makes it so different is that most of the actual clothing used on the screen is carefully designed to provide protection against the COVID-19 virus.

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