First Vaccination of COVID-19 Administered. Ivanka Trump Congratulates Daddy, Donald Trump For Giving A Vaccine To The World.

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  • According to Ivanka Trump, the 1st vaccine of COVID-19 is about to be an aid to the entire world. She congratulates her father, Donald Trump, and the entire team involved in the formation of this vaccine. Donald Trump has also confirmed the news by replying to Ivanka’s tweet. He congratulates the USA and the entire world. 


  • The COVID-19 pandemic, which is also known as coronavirus pandemic, is about to get a cure. The virus was identified in December 2019, in Wuhan, China, for the 1st time. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency as an international concern in January 2020. it was declared as a pandemic in march 2020 all over the world. The well-known virus which has influenced almost the entire world is now about to get a cure very soon.
  • The virus is used to be caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. The very first vaccination of soon about to be determined by the efforts of Donald Trump and the team. The unimaged pandemic has begun the social, economic, global, and the largest global recession since the great crash. It has led to the postponement of events and cancellations of programs.

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  • The world has faced a widespread shortage of supply. This shortage occurs because of excessive buying due to this panic. It caused agricultural separations and shortage of food and decreased emission of propellants and greenhouse gases.
  • It has affected the graduation severely. The educational institutes have been closed, partially or fully. Somehow, it has manipulated the reputation of China and its region by the misinformation circulated through social media that this virus came way straight to China. Well, it is still not verified where this virus came from and what is the origin of this virus.
  • Ivanka Trump seems to be happy while announcing the news of the vaccine. She said the Covid-19 is about to be vanquished from the world very soon. She stated it the largest effort in history and mentioned her father and the entire team involved in this mission. 
  • We hope for the best to happen. This pandemic has not only ruined the economic position of the world but has also ruined the schedule of the world and has taken many precious lives. It needs to be stopped and cured as soon as possible. 

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