Five suspects arrested who assaulted a 14-year girl in a Belgium gang rape case. A teenage girl kills herself!

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This world has become full of mess for a girl. If you are a girl then you have to face daily assaults, harassment, and some unusual comments on your body. Some Man up till today thinks that a girl is nothing but a sexual object and they have right on her body. The very recent case about this shameful act was a story of a 14-year-old girl who is a young teenager who hasn’t even crossed her milestone to 18. She got raped brutally last month and since then her case is handed over to the court.

Girl kills herself after few days when she was gang-raped in a Belgian memorial park by 5 attackers as well as 3 minors who shared pictures of her ordeal online. A 14-year-old young girl killed herself just after some days when she was allegedly gang-raped during a Belgian memorial park by 5 attackers who also revealed her video online on social media.

Gang Rape Case

The young victim, from Gavere, visited meet her friend who was going to be in the memorial park in Ghent on May 15, however four others were waiting and allegedly gang-raped her at the very moment.

According to reports, the alleged perpetrators took footage and videos of themselves while raping the victim and upload them on social media accounts. Four days later, the young girl killed herself and her family was later told regarding the rape by a girl’s friend about what their daughter was suffering with a took her life.

Police suspects 5 of the alleged offenders and arrested them. After analyzing the pictures as 3 minors aged around 14 or 15 and the other 2 adults aged would be 18 and 19 approximately. From which two of the minors were brothers.

The 5 alleged assailants are all believed to be from Ghent and have reportedly been arrested by police for rape, indecent assault and therefore the taking and dissemination of images seemingly to represent an attack on the integrity of someone. The suspects will have to go through all these charges. Some of the suspects believed to be already have criminal record in police records. The prosecution has reportedly solely confirmed that the 5 teens are suspected of this event that occurred shortly before the victim’s death.

On Wednesday, the 2 teens aged eighteen and nineteen are going to be bestowed to court, which is able to take into account if there was an exacerbating circumstances that connects to the victim’s death.

Gang Rape Case Victims

Mayor of Gavere, Denis Dierick claimed that he knew the victim very well and represented her death as pure horror and an inhuman tragedy. The alleged perpetrators took footage of them raping the victim at memorial park in Belgian where pictures and videos of them were circulated on social media.

Justice Minister Vincent Quikernborn took to Twitter to vow that those accountable would be penalized and an example should be set against suspects of sexual violence and file complaints and look for facilitate.

The minister added: Hateful, there aren’t any words to explain it. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the young girl. Suspects are arrested and therefore the investigation is in progress. Justice should considered regarding justice.

According to News, the victim’s father said that his little girl had been struggling for a few time. He added: She required facilitate and sadly it took so much too long for her to urge it. She had such a tough time and these facts and pictures were the provocation for her. A fourteen year cannot bear thing like these. She saw her whole world fall aside. While not these criminals, she would be here. All I will hope for now could be justice.

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