Former FBI lawyer expected to plead guilty in Russian investigation review

Prosecutors are not expected to reveal any evidence of a widespread anti-Trump conspiracy among law enforcement officials.

The former FBI’s lawyer and court documents were publicly disclosed on Friday that after he was accused of falsifying documents in a transaction with a public prosecutor in a criminal investigation into Russia, the lawyer intends to plead guilty.

Kevin was assigned for investigation:

The 38-year-old lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was assigned to Russia to investigate. He plans to admit that he changed the email from C.I.A. Investigators sought to regain court permission in 2017 to secretly eavesdrop on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who sometimes provided information to spy agencies. Mr. Klein Smith’s lawyer said that he made a mistake in clarifying the facts for his colleagues.

The opinion of opposition:

Mr. Klein Smith’s written words express his opposition to President Trump. President Trump will certainly tout the plea agreement as evidence that the Russian investigation is illegal and politically motivated. Trump has been outspoken for a long time, believing that prosecutors will continue to investigate the earlier questioning of John H. Durham.

In order to discourage the prosecutor from prosecuting Mr. Klingsmith, his lawyer argued that his motives were benign, and other evidence showed that he did not try to cover up the International Criminal Court. His colleague’s email.

It is very unusual for law enforcement officials to openly discuss the ongoing investigation, but Mr. Barr has long clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Russian investigation and his opinion that Mr. Durham will resolve all issues. After Republicans raised concerns about the wiretapping of Page’s intelligence that investigators used to seek court approval, Mr. Horowitz began a detailed review of the procedure.

In a report published last year, Mr. Horowitz revealed that the application was full of serious errors and omissions. Among other things, he also learned of a series of disturbing incidents between Mr. Page and the C.I.A. Association. It was not accurately communicated to the Ministry of Justice and was ultimately isolated from the judge who approved the supervision order.

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