Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tested positive for coronavirus

After Trump’s positive test, White House officials, Republican congressmen, and others close to the Trump administration made a series of positive COVID-19 tests on Christie, which is Christie’s diagnosis.

Christie, the latest Trump ally, has tested positive for the virus.

His positive results were obtained with former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, President of Notre Dame de Paris, and at least two Republican members (Utah Senator Mike Lee and North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis) after positive results.

Earlier this week, Christie and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had a debate with the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden at the White House with President Trump. Got ready. (Giuliani tested negative on Friday). Trump’s debate preparation team is also composed of Conway, campaign manager Bill Stephen, and Hope Hicks. Everyone tested positive for the virus.

Christie was tested for the corona virus with others in Trump’s circle on Friday after the president’s diagnosis.

The former governor also participated in the White House event last week to introduce Trump’s Supreme Court candidates.

The current Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy issued his best wishes, hoping that he will recover soon.

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Kellyanne Conway attended the Rose Garden nomination ceremony

Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway attended the Rose Garden nomination ceremony and assisted in the debate preparation meeting. She announced on Friday that she had tested positive. An official said that Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien tested positive in the Covid-19 match on Friday night.

It was revealed on Thursday that Trump’s close aide, Hope Hicks, tested positive earlier in the day-which inspired the revelation that Trump himself was infected.

Hicks, along with a large number of campaign officials and Trump’s family, flew around in the Cleveland debate with Trump.

Since then, Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus. According to CNN, during the debate on Tuesday night, Biden and Trump’s podiums were 12 feet 8 inches apart.

Trump’s diagnosis and health conditions call into question the status of the next presidential debate, but Vice President Mike Pence (test negative) still plans to debate the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

Pandemic and Current situation

pandemic is getting serious, Trump administration continuously insisting that there is no more danger left, but current cases exposed their claims. People should follow social distancing and wearing masks rules, President Trump tests positive and many celebrities also caught by this deadly virus. Coronavirus eaten up 2020 and if didn’t stop it right now our future will be in the hand of this. Nobody will know what is going to happen.

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