The Shop: HBO new series won the special client

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Former President Barack Obama will join James and Maverick Carter on Friday for the special edition of HBO channel’s show “The Shop: Uninterrupted”.

Obama tweeted on Tuesday and announced, noting that he will talk about the November 3 election.

He visited @KingJames and @MavCarter at The Shop to discuss the NBA bubble, the racial justice movement, and the critical moments in the next 7 days, this weekend in Miami. A voting website by George F. Founded by James and Carter introduced after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The site encourages people to make voting plans.

The Shop: Uninterrupted | President Obama Special Episode Teaser | HBO

According to NBA stars, it is such an honor to let Obama participate in the store.

The president is giving the perspective and motivation, people need now. Please vote!”

The trailer for this episode shows that Obama is a basketball fan. He asked James about his recent victory with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The former president exclaimed, “LeBron James, get another ring and another trophy.”

The Shop HBO
The Shop HBO

James and the Mavericks “Shop” premiered in 2018 and invited guests including Kevin Hart, Drake, Snoopy Dogg, Mick Mill, and several NBA stars. They sit near a barbershop, discuss various topics frankly, and sometimes even get a haircut.

Non-HBO subscribers can watch the show free on and YouTube from October 31 to November 28.

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Obama has been very busy. In addition to running for Joe Biden, the former president also released a memoir “The Promised Land”, which is set to expire on November 17.

barak obama the shop
Barak Obama | The Shop

In the first summary published in The New Yorker on Monday, Obama recalled his early experience in the White House, publicly negotiating and passing the bill that would eventually become the Affordable Care Act, while responding more privately the pandemic has been met with dissatisfaction and racist comments from other politicians and others Americans.

In 2009, when the H1N1 virus (commonly referred to as swine flu) evolved into a global pandemic, Obama convened a team to help assess the United States’ preparedness for such an event. He recommended to participate in the process but to follow the leadership of medical experts.

He recalled, “When I worked in the Senate, I knew much more about the H1N1 virus than in the past.” “What I know scared me.”

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