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Apple and Google removed the popular video game Fortnite from their app stores on Thursday. Because they defy the company’s in-app payment guidelines, prompting developer.

Epic Games filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against both The Company’s rules is questioned.

Apple and Google said that the direct payment feature introduced in the Fortnite app earlier Thursday, which is a violation.

Epic filed a lawsuit in the U.S. court, demanding that Apple or Google not provide any funds. Instead, demand an injunction prohibiting it from terminating many activities related to the company’s app store.

Epic said in the lawsuit, “Apple has become the object it once opposed: a behemoth seeking to control the market, hinder competition, and stifle innovation. Apple is bigger, stronger, more entrenched, and more harmful than previous monopolists.” The case is filed in Northern California.

Fortnite has been deleted because Epic introduced the payment function out of “clear intent to clearly violate the App Store guidelines” after using the app in the store for 10 years.

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Apple said in a statement, “The fact that their commercial interests now lead them to support special deals does not change these guidelines. It creates a level playing field for all developers and makes the store more accessible to all users. It is safe, and this fact has not changed.”

Google also removed Fortnite from its Play Store but did not respond to an appeal for comment on the lawsuit. Google spokesperson Dan Jackson said in a statement: “However, we welcome the prospect to continue discussions with Epic and bring Fortnite back to Google Play.” Jackson said that Epic violated a rule. Developers are required to use Google’s in-app billing system for products in video games.

Epic Games did not reveal how many iOS users Fortnite has. Mostly fans play games on PCs or consoles and use their phones as backups, but iPhone users bring more revenue to Epic.

Since Android’s functions are different from iOS, users can still download Fortnite from Epic’s website and other non-Google stores (such as those operated by Samsung) and install it on their devices, Epic said in a blog earlier on Thursday.

Apple’s streaming music rival filed an antitrust lawsuit against European iPhone manufacturers in a statement, praising Epic’s move.

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