Fortnite Epic Games: Epic Games Store Has Been Down After Free GTA 5 Announcement

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Fortnite Epic Games: The famous gaming company, Epic Games, surprised its fans by announcing a free “Grand Theft Auto 5” copy. But the massive rush of people across the world caused server down and also many other server problems.

Fortnite Epic Games
Free Grand Theft Auto 5

With these server errors, everyone can check the interest of people in this game, which was initially launched in 2013.

A short introduction about Epic Games:

Epic Games, Inc. is an American based software development and game development company. In 1991, this gaming company was founded by ‘Tim Sweeney,‘ and initially, its name was “Potomac Computer Systems.”

Tim Sweeney started this gaming company from his parents’ house building and chose this name (Potomac Computer Systems) because it was situated in Potomac (Maryland, United States).

Founded: 1991

Owner: Tim Sweeney

CEO: Tim Sweeney (1991–)

Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina, United States

Founders: Mark Rein, Tim Sweeney

Fortnite Epic Games
Epic Games
Credit: confirms: But the sad news is most of the gamers are unable to download a free Grand Theft Auto V copy. Many people reported that they faced a few errors during the countdown. When the countdown timer goes down, many errors came, like a server problem, with a series of 500 errors.

And after some time of appearing these errors, people started to raise the trend on social media and to message to Epic Games on Tweeter. So Epic Games said:

Right now, we are encountering high traffic on the Epic Games Store. We know that clients might be experiencing 500 errors, moderate stacking times, or launcher smashing right now, and we are effectively attempting to scale. We’ll give an update very soon.

And at 12:58 p.m. ET, Epic Games updated the audience with these words:

We comprehend that a lot of fans can not get to the Epic Games Store right now. We value your understanding as we keep on progressing in the direction of goals to moderate traffic.

According to the latest updates of 03:45 p.m. ET, all the other operations, such as signup, login, etc. are active, but the store is still under errors. But you can get access by trying again and again as some users are getting.

How do epic free games work?

Epic will offer many free games every week all through 2020. When a person claims a free game, it’s all his – even after the game is not freely accessible to new clients. 

I got a free game however don’t see it on my account now. Why? When you claim your free game, it’s all yours to save the game.

Is Fortnite dying?

Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite is not dying but it is not going incredible either. Epic Games is battling to keep the player base. Things will get progressively extraordinary if CoD will launch a free-to-play Battle Royale game in the upcoming days.

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