Fortnite event get fully booked in less than 25 mins!

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fortnite event
Fortnite just received overwhelming response from gamers all around the world.

The Fortnite event happened recently, where players all over the world were excited to see the biggest gaming event happening once in a while. The game got a jam-packed as soon as it started in less than 25 minutes. The gamers were flocking in to watch the action-packed streaming.

Twitch and Youtube.

The viewership of the event caused by the spike of Youtube and Twitch. 8.4 million players viewed the exhibition. People were viewing both of the events at the same time. According to the Tyler ”Ninja” noted that his stream exceeded 50,000 concurrent viewership on Mixer as well.

The sequence started with a siren playing before the lockdown reached zero at the Agency. Midas around which the character revolved around began to talk. When the countdown reached zero spy music began, Giant music towers emerged from the water around the Agency with coils at the tip. It had a weather control system so that the weather can be changed perhaps.

Then all of a sudden, the Agency exploded. The light started to emerge from the rubble. Later a giant tower with a considerable orb emerged out of nowhere and rose to the top of the sky. A duplicate orb then further appeared with lasers beaming to all the towers in the water. Then it launched beams into the sky, pushing the storm away. The music then intensifies.

Then comes the most exciting part of the event; the screen went white with a first-person view in a mundane looking office. It had all the essential supplies of the office. The screen then turned purple. It starts to rain. More lasers begin to appear into the sky energizing the orb, and it disappears. After a while, the storm also vanishes like it never excited. The event goes on with more action-packed scenes.

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