“Fortnite” Season 4, Week 1 Challenge Guide

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There are too many changes in today’s massive Fortnite update to calculate.

The game attracts new hero visitors, from Thor to Iron Man, who protect the island from the help of the so-called Nexus War (not to be confused with other superheroes, ie Infinity War) Attack of Galactus. ).

The first week’s challenge aims to allow players to explore some major map changes and new additions to the game, such as Dr. Dom’s Domense (a new named location that replaces one of the oldest locations on the map) to the first chapter).

Many others will become very familiar, such as searching for boxes or even floating rings.

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The full list of Fortnite season 4 guide is as follows:

  • Zombies are finally here “Call of Duty: War Zone”
  • This is the actual reason for the existence of Destiny 2
  • Everything you need to know about “Fortnite”, Chapter 2, Season 4: Map changes, battle pass, patch notes
  • Search 7 boxes in the dirty dock
  • Get 3 eliminations at Holly Hedges
  • Collect 4 floating rings at Misty Meadows
  • Eliminate 5 Stark robots at Quinjet Patrol landing site
  • Cheering on Lazy Lake
  • Stark Industrial Energy Rifle deals 1,000 damage to opponents
  • Eliminate Doctor Doom 3 times in Doom’s Domense (Team Challenge)

Each “Battle Pass” skin also has a new heroic “Awakening” challenge (here is a complete overview of these skins). These challenges are unlocked as you unlock new skins, so if you want to buy the entire battle pass up to level 100, every challenge will be available. However, we will not write a guide soon.

how to unlock Thor’s hammer and special emoji to deal with his “Awakening” challenge.

Wolverine also faces challenges every week. Everyone will unlock new cosmetics until the 6th week, after which you can unlock the skin.

Investigate 3 mysterious claw marks here.

This is the challenge. An interesting season is coming, I hope Epic will continue to add new content and LTM to keep it fresh for the next ten weeks (or more) until the start of Season 5.

Read the unofficial Season 4 patch notes here.

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