Fox news continuously hitting one by one

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Fox news continuously hitting one by one, now, it has been hit with a kitchen sink suit.

A complaint was filed recently in the federal court of New York alleging sexual misconduct by its hosts. Its top hosts including Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson involve in this. Former associate producer of Fox Network name Jennifer Eckhart is a co-plaintiff in the suit.

Fox news continuously hitting one by one
Fox news continuously hitting one by one

Most serious claim by Eckhart

The most serious claim is that Eckhart was raped by the former chief of white house Ed Henry. Henry was recently fired by his channel at the start of this month. He was fired as a result of charge, many woman claims that he tried to harras them. Fox news disclosed this news in front of the public, it had terminated Mr henry based on the internal investigation.

Fox News knew it already

However, nothing could be further than the truth, sources said that fox news already knew that Mr. Henry had engaged in sexual misconduct from the start of 2017. At that time fox news conduct a company-wide investigation into the issue of the harassment. Many woman comes and claims that henry tried to harass and sexually inappropriate conduct towards them.
But now, fox news is facing the issue of Eckhart’s allegations. Rape had happened in 2017, in a hotel room, henry has romantically persuaded her and forced to kiss her. He also continuously convincing her to kiss him and to have sex and months later assaulted her in fox news office.

Henry’s lawyer responds the evidence shows that ms Eckhart initially and completely encouraged a sexual relationship. Another woman Areu alleges that Hannity once threw $100 on the desk and called for the men around to take her on a date. She also said Howard Kurtz invited her to a hotel room. Carlson once investigating to see whether she would be interested or not in a sexual relationship. Three of them in the suits now and facing the claim of sexual harassment.

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