Future Technologies you should keep an eye on. Urban Farming, Space Vacations, AI, 3D printing

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The Technology is changing the world we are living today.

The technologies of the modern world are advancing at a faster rate than ever before. The technologies of the future would not be making our life more comfortable, but they could also prolong human lives.

Urban Farming:

The Urban farms would be a norm where people would be growing crops on the top of their roofs. These urban farms would not only produce a lot of yield of fresh vegetables and fruits but also do it around the year.

Space Vacations:

As the tech billionaires have fastened their seat belts to take humanity into space. Space vacations would be a thing of the future. Companies like Space X, Blur Origin, and Virgin Galactic are working day and night to make the space flights accessible to everyone.


As the world is growing at an increasing rate, the advent of AI is near. The days when robotics and intelligent AI would take over the world are near. The application would be in cars, smartphones, healthcare, and others. Self-driving cars which were considered to be a dream is now possible.

AI would be doing a lot of things for humans like cleaning, entertainment, and ordering of the grocery.

3D printing:

3D would not only ease the construction processes, but also produce anything that we can imagine. The printer uses materials, plastics, clay, or cement. It creates objects by making complex layers of these materials.

Online gaming would take over the casinos. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Virtual reality, combined with artificial reality, would change completely change our gaming experience.

This doesn’t stop here with every passing day we are moving towards experiences that we have never experienced before thanks to the ever-changing technology.

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