Gale Sayers, who ran back to the Chicago Bears, has died at the age of 77

Gale Sayers is the dazzling Chicago Bears guard and kicker returner.

Gale sayers injuries shortened his career and made him the youngest professional football Hall of Fame player ever. But due to years of declining health conditions including dementia, he died. He was 77 years old.

The professional football stadium announced the news on Wednesday morning.

Sayers’ nickname is “Kansas Comet” and it is one of the most agile and elusive ball carriers ever.

“If you want to see perfection as a step backwards, then it’s best to pick up a movie by Gail Sayers,” George Halas, founder of Bells, told Sayers in 1977 Said when submitting to the Hall of Fame. “His poems are very moving. His likes will never appear again.”

Sayers’ dynamic running ability helped him gain All-Pro recognition in each of the five full seasons.

This also made teammates, coaches, fans and experts wonder what he might have achieved in football (1971) if his knee injury did not end his career after only seven seasons (68 games).

In fact, at the Bears100 celebration in June 2019, Sayers’ legendary athletic ability was a bittersweet topic, as the former teammates tried to figure out that the electric running method they admired might be related to the fragile one who appeared on stage. , The same as people in wheelchairs.

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“He has a superior skill. He will wave his legs and fall in the other direction. This is my best way of expression.

The Bears chose Sayers as No. 4 in the 1965 NBA Draft. It’s worth noting that this is just one place after the Bears chose Illinois all future Hall of Fame guard Dick Butkus.

Butkus was no stranger to Sayers until they met in New York after graduating from college in 1964. They got together to participate in a celebration organized by the Football Writers Association of America and Look Magazine, which publishes FWAA’s national teams every year.

Butkus recalled at the Bears100 celebration:

 “I was watching this guy who is on the top, he was countering the kick.” “I don’t know who he is, but he is really amazing on that tape.”

Butkus remembered how veterans made their rookie course difficult.

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