GameStop PS5 replenishment: 1,000 people bought game consoles, Restock alert

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We got the exclusive news of GameStop PS5 replenishment news before today, and our exclusive details helped more than 1,000 people buy the game console.


The GameStop PS5 replenishment time is actually a bit early. It happened at 10:57 am Eastern Time. Matt Swider’s followers and anyone watching the YouTube live broadcast saw that the console was in stock at the time.
According to our GameStop source, it was originally scheduled to take place today, Tuesday, August 3, and the time was later confirmed by the GameStop newsletter: 11 AM EST / 10 AM CDT / 9 AM MDT / AM Pacific Daylight Time 8 o’clock.

Is it just a PS5 game console? Yes

The final version of the GameStop PS5 replenishment newsletter shows that the retailer will only have the PS5 bundle and there is no planned Xbox Series X replenishment today. In fact, since July 15th, we have not seen Sony’s competitors replenish their products through GameStop.

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Do I need to become a GameStop PowerUp Pro member?

Yes, GameStop requires anyone who wants to purchase a PS5 console bundle to have a PowerUp Reward Pro membership, which costs $15 per year. After obtaining this membership, you can get a “welcome certificate” worth $5, a one-month award certificate, and a 10{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} discount award.

The most important privilege right now is to “early experience” the next generation of game consoles, including PS5. GameStop has been setting up this entry barrier as another way to prevent dealers from buying game consoles and profiting from it.

Important note:

Although the upcoming GameStop email indicates that you need to become a PowerUp Rewards Pro member before 12:59 AM / 11:59 PM CDT / 9:59 PM PDT.
We have confirmed that customers can purchase PS5 game consoles Bund up after this. Obviously, if you have time to buy.

GameStop PS5 replenishment without membership?

No, the language of GameStop is not very clear, but you need a PowerUp Rewards member, which costs $15 per year. The replenishment on August 2 indicated that it was only used for “early access,” but the PS5 console inventory was almost always used up before it was opened to the public.
Only one failure is open to everyone, allowing non-members to checkout through Apple Pay. The malfunction has been blocked. If you really want to buy a PS5 and don’t mind spending extra money on the bundle, then $15 is a good offer.

Will GameStop PS5 be restocked in stores?

Yes, GameStop is restocked right now you can go and get it.

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