Gaming war between X-box and PS5 would be in a different direction.

Muhammad Fahad
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It might be not as you are thinking!

Due to the rise in the Covid-19, people are looking forward to the new gaming consoles that are being just released into the markets. As more and more people are trying to doing something in their leisure time. These new gaming consoles would change the way how we play games.

While Sony just launched its new product. Mircosoft is also looking forward to rolling out its new X-box.

While keeping things hidden, Sony hasn’t said much about its gaming console. The release of the consoles is said to be on holiday this year. The most important thing, like the price of the console, the service it would offer most importantly, with the price tag, is still not being told yet.

But we are pretty much sure we are going to have an exciting year as sony is looking forward to releasing many games this year like ”Horizon: Forbidden”.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Demon soul are the most awaited games of all times. The show was more about the power show os Sony. It was more about how far they have come and how man franchises they have acquired.

The X-box has been struggling over the years to put up a first-class- first-party library with X-box One. So Sony is taking advantage of every situation they can. Furthermore, Sony is showing to the world how they are evolving over the years.

The sony is further developing first-class games. While Micro-Soft is trying to portray X-box as a 360 solution for a lot of services.

Sony is also promising that thousands of the X-box would be playable on its products with games shared on its console and PC. The user would have a while holistic gaming experience. X-box would be looking forward to providing games on a subscription basis to its users.

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