Gang Star Dennis Thomas dies at the age of 70

The band members celebrating the singer confirmed the unfortunate news in a statement on the group’s official Facebook page. In the extensive message: They said that the performer “passed not here peacefully in his sleep” in New Jersey. Heartbroken fans paid a mark of respect to the late star under the post:
“I make bigger my deepest condolences to Dee Tee’s wife and family and other members of the band,” one commenter said. “This is depressing news, his existence voyage is ended. I grew up in Kool and Gang music, this is part of me. Rest in peace, Mr. Thomas: “He will be missed by many people. Thank you Dennis Thomas for helping to create Kool and Gang, and for provided that us with so many magnificent pieces of music for us to enjoy. Now take a good quality have a rest, knowing that you will never be over and done. “Rest in peace, Mr. Thomas. Kool and the Gang music is part of my musical DNA, another shared.

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‘Rip Kool and the gang is the music that can be heard by the majority in love celebrations. You will in fact miss my heart. Pay mark of respect to his family and his band members. My heartache is to hear that he is no longer with us. Your soul is in heaven, Mr. Thomas,” a heartbroken follower added.

Who is Dennis Thomas?

  • Thomas is an alto saxophone player, flutist, and percussionist. In 1964, he joined his friends Ronald Bell and Robert “Kool” Bell, Spike Mickens, Ricky Westfield, George Brown, and Charles Smith to become the founding members of Kool and the Gang.
  • They first chose the jazz band and in conclusion determined on their iconic nickname four years in a while, when they were on the run amok their first album of the same name.
  • It wasn’t awaiting their fourth album Wild and Peaceful that they tasted success and the singles Jungle Boogie and Hollywood Swinging entered the top ten charts.
  • Kool and the Gang then became household names with the timeless hits Ladies’ Night, Celebration, and Get Down On.
  • Not only did they succeed on the charts, but they also won two Grammy Awards, seven AMAs, and more than 30 gold and platinum albums.
  • Thomas left behind his wife Finjul Sanders Thomas, their daughter Tuesday Rankin, sons David Thomas and Devin Thomas, as well as many nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

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