Gigi Hadid is here with the ‘Post A Pic Of’ Challenge

Jelena Noura Hadid is also known as Gigi Hadid joined the ‘Post A Pic Of’ challenge on Monday 27th of January.

This is a new social media challenge in which celebrities are taking part now and are sharing some unseen pictures from their camera roll.

In this challenge users the ‘Ask Me A Question’ option from Instagram stickers to write “Post A pic of”.

This American fashion model shared some unseen moments of her life as a part of a challenge on her Instagram stories.

She shared pictures demanded by her fans, of different occasions and dates, being a part of the ‘Post A Pic Of’ Challenge.

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Gigi shared a picture from 15th September of her kitchen cabinet with a plethora of Indian spices.

This Instagram story of Gigi made her Indian fans fall for her love of Indian Spices, as it includes Haldi(turmeric), Jeera (Cumin), Tandoori masala, etc.

This is a gone viral picture from the series, and Gigi captioned it as, “Lol I was a psycho pregnant person.”

Indian Spices in Gigi's kitchen
Indian Spices in Gigi’s kitchen

She also shared the unseen picture with the singer, Taylor Swift, and captioned the picture as, “I don’t know if this was ever shared?”

Gigi Hadid with Taylor Swift
Gigi Hadid with Taylor Swift

Gigi shared Zayn Malik’s unseen pictures for ‘Post A Pic Of’ Challenge

Gigi Hadid shared some unseen pictures with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik too, these pictures are making major headlines.

She posted two of the never-before-seen pictures with her fans of Zayn Malik and it makes an immense buzz on social media.

The picture she shared was from May 30, 2016, look at Gigi’s Instagram story here.

Zayn Malik's unseen picture from 2016
Zayn Malik’s unseen picture from 2016

After sharing some stories, a fan asks for a picture from April 3, and the picture was also an unseen one in which Zayn Malik is sweetly kissing her girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Zayn's unseen picture with Gigi Hadid
Zayn’s unseen picture with Gigi Hadid

Recently it was seen the supermodel, Gigi tweeting about this new challenge of post a pic of the day.

She wrote, “will continue ‘post a pic of’ another night:) My laptop just died and that’s where all the throwback stuff is…love searching for dates and seeing what comes up, those were fun, love y’aallll”

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