Glenn Close joins an elite group with her 8th Oscar nomination

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Globally renowned as the best actress playing a complex, conflicted character, Glenn Close has certainly made an impact in her long acting career. Born in Kansas, Close was discovered by British director Tony Hancock while performing in an Indian movie called “Shodhar”. The role of the lead female role saw her tackling a dangerous role for which she had no experience, before successfully breaking into Hollywood. Since that time she has consistently been nominated for best supporting actress Oscars, winning four of them including this year’s Best Picture winner, The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Glenn Close joins an elite group with her 8th Oscar nomination
Glenn Close joins an elite group with her 8th Oscar nomination

Her other major award winnings have included awards for her performance in movies such as Mystic River, Crazy Heart and An Officer And A Lady. However, it is her role as Cleopatra in the biopic of the famous Roman goddess that has always been considered her best performance to date. The movie depicts how Close was inspired by the real-life figure, who was at the time, the Queen of Egypt. In the film, she plays a young woman who falls in love with Cleopatra, only to be murdered by her own husband. It was arguably one of the most iconic movies in history and led to the creation of the character of the Queen of Cleopatra in the novel.

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After receiving her Oscar nomination for the first time in 1994 for her work in Mystic River, Close went on to star in a number of successful films including the fantasy romance A Time To Kill, the medical drama Man On The Moon and the action film Signs. All of these films earned her not only an Academy Award but also became some of the highest grossing films of all time. Although these films failed to win any Academy Awards, they were successful box office successes and helped Close attain another Academy Award for her work on The Perfect Team. Although The Perfect Team did not win any awards, it was widely regarded as a strong contender for the award. This is largely due to the presence of such recognizable names as Joannagram Rigg, Alexander Fleming and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. With such a prestigious set of credentials, and a slew of film appearances, it was no surprise that The Perfect Team was considering a legitimate contender for the Best Picture award.

In terms of modern day award-winning movies, the only true Academy Award winner without an Oscar win is Steve McQueen in 2021 for Gladiator. Although he came close to winning for his role as the ruthless and powerful Gladiator, he was unfortunately left out of the Best Picture list this year. His only other Oscar nod came for his contribution to the movie; Gladiator. Though his name never cropped up on the ballot, McQueen’s appearance at the Oscars was one of the most memorable moments in the Academy’s Oscar history.

No list of the Best Picture winners would be complete without mentioning either Gladiator or The Perfect Team. Of course, this was far from the only movie winner for the Oscar during the early parts of the decade. Both of these films went on to win multiple awards at the Oscars, cementing their place among the hallowed halls of Hollywood as true Academy Award Winners. Gladiator eventually lost out to Psycho in what is considered one of the most notoriously competitive Oscar races in decades. While the true contenders for Best Picture at the time were The Deerhunter and The Departed, both of these films were considered risky propositions by the Academy and were never expected to win.

For a movie to win the Oscar, it usually has to either be a very well crafted, well produced, and incredibly entertaining film (Gladiator and The Perfect Team both fit into this category), or have some sort of emotional impact on the audience. In the case of Gladiator, the scale of violence was so massive that it was considered over the top for the time. However, the underlying message was one of universal peace and the triumph of good against evil. It was no wonder that this movie was considered a staggering victory for Best Picture in both the years since its release.

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