Good News: Kylie Skin’s Skincare Fridge is restocking on January 19th.

Kylie Skin owned by Kylie Jenner announces on the official Twitter account about the restocking of Kylie Skin’s Skincare Fridge. The well known Skincare line revealed on their Facebook account too that they are restocking their Skincare Fridge on the 19th of Jan at 9 am.

Kylie Skin's Skincare Fridge
Kylie Skin’s Skincare Fridge

The Skincare line which is the most known beauty brand among beauty lovers restocked their NEW limited edition mini-fridge. The company claims that their mini-fridge is the best option for keeping your skincare goodies cool.

It is declared by the line that their Fridge is the ultimate beauty accessory. It is specifically designed for stocking your favorite skincare products. The mini-fridge will keep your favorite creams, serums, and masks fresher for longer.

Announcing on Twitter Kylie Skin wrote, “Our Skincare Fridge is restocking January 19th at 9 am PST on Kylie Skin.” They attached some beautiful pictures of their products stored in the Fridge. They praised Maquillageitup for the beautiful pictures and thanked them as, “Gorgeous pics by Maquillageitup! The US only.” It is seen that Kris Jenner retweeted the tweet too.


Reviews about the Kylie Skin’s Skincare Fridge.

Moisturizer, facial sprays, serums, masks, and wet wipes that are stored in the fridge feels good when you put them on. Right? As they give a cooling and refreshing effect that is perfect for hot summer months.

And the mini-Fridge launched is a must-have for the upcoming summers. Many of the skincare lovers reviewed the product and praised it too. One of the social media users wrote, “it is cute and fits a lot more than I thought it would even though small. I love this and to me, is worth the $ to keep my product cool and fresh longer.”

It is easy to motivate yourself to have a well-maintained skincare collection with you. Yes? The customer said, “it inspires me to use my skincare daily. It fits all my go to’s for my morning and night routine.”

Another one showed affection by saying, “I love this product with all my heart. It is a perfect size, keeps all of m Kylie Skin products cool and ready for use.”

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