Google Doodle Honors Polio Scientist Dame Jean Instead of Celeberating April Fools

April Fools: Today, Google Doodle is very different and unexpected for most people, as today is April Fools Day. But Google Doodle is honoring Dame Jean Macnamara.

April Fools
New Google Doodle on 1st April (April Fools)

A short introduction about Dame Jean Macnamara:

The complete name of Dame Jean is “Dame Annie Jean Macnamara,” and she was born in Beechworth, Australia. She was an Australian health expert and got fame for her contributions to children’s welfare. 

April Fools
Dame Jean Macnamara

In 1935, she was honored as the “Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.”.

Born: April 1, 1899

Died: October 13, 1968 (in Melbourne, Australia)

Parents: John     Education: University of Melbourne

Books: A Guide to Dame Jean Macnamara’s Papers: In the National Library of Australia

I read from Seeing firsthand the impact of the poliovirus on kids, Dame Jean put in huge work to finding an antibiotic for polio, including assisting with discovering that there was more than one strain of the infection.

Today due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Google decided to honor a Polio Scientist, “Dame Jean Macnamara.”. Because in 1955, during the polio outbreak, Dame Jean’s endeavors directly affected the improvement of polio antibiotics. 

What is the message that Google doodle is conveying:

The doodle itself portrays Dame Jean working directly with youngsters to give them a hope to one day stroll without requiring props, with the different sides of the mirror showing before and the after.

Who designed the Google Doodle of Dame Jean:

Thomas Campi is the artist behind this Google Doodle creation. And he is an award-winning comic illustrator of Sydney.

April Fools
Thomas Campi is designing something

 He said that it was his wish to work with Google and design a Google Doodle. When he saw an email from Google, giving him an opportunity to work with Google, his reaction was like: is it real?

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