Google doodle instructed people to take covid-19 precautions:

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Get Vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save Lives!
Get Vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save Lives!

On Saturday 1 may 2021, Google develop a doodle which got the attention of each user. The Google logo is converted into characters which are indicating people  to get Covid vaccines to prevent coronavirus. Google doodle ask people to get them and their loved one’s vaccinated and wear a proper mask following all the SOPs and precautions. Google doodle shows their logo’s character wearing a mask and a bandage (indicating towards vaccination bandage) on each of its letters. The first letters ‘G’ ‘o’ ‘o’ ‘g’ have both mask and bandage but the letter ‘l’ and ‘e’ been shown as a doctor vaccinating a person.

Google doodle instructed people to take covid-19 precautions
Google doodle instructed people to take covid-19 precautions

Google’s obsessive Doodle forms awareness for the COVID-19 vaccines and promote the sense of carrying face masks whenever you get out of your homes which amidst a vast surge in coronavirus cases. The search engine involves the logo which is big sized on screen with Google logo. It took people’s attention quickly. Upon clicking on that, the Doodle shows search results on COVID-19 vaccines. The new development by Google comes amid the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination drive in Asian country for aged people from eighteen years onwards age. Many of the countries have invented their own vaccines, other borrows from their neighboring countries.

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The Google Doodle encourages many individuals to take COVID-19 vaccine and save themselves from this dangerous virus. The doodle is accessible in countries together with the United States of America, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It options Google logo’s alphabets with face masks and bandages to represent individuals obtaining vaccines.

Once a user clicks on the Doodle, it takes to the search results concerning the term “COVID vaccine”. The analysis result page additionally carries a sidebar that gives details concerning the COVID-19 jab. Moreover it informs users concerning vaccines that what are vaccines, why it is necessary and what can be the side effects and from where you can vaccinate yourself, this type of all details. The sidebar additionally has links to the news concerning the COVID-19 and its vaccines and therefore the knowledge concerning its rollout. Users also are shown with the data concerning the security and different aspects of the vaccines.

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Google develop a doodle on Saturday which got the attention of each user. The Google logo is converted into characters which are urging people to get Covid vaccines to prevent coronavirus.

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