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Google Doodle is celebrating the 200th birthday of much-loved Sir John Tenniel today. Google said in a statement that Tenniel’s illustrations had animated the imaginations of children and adults alike for generations. His legacy continued to thrive, as readers cherish those timeless works of art to that day.

Who was John Tenniel

Jon Tenniel was born on 28 February 2020 in Bayswater, London. John Tenniel was a self-taught illustrator, and at the age of 16, submitted an oil painting to the Society of British Artists. In 1845 he presented a 16-foot cartoon to a contest calling for a mural to decorate the new Palace of Westminster. Tenniel got £100 and a commission for a painting in the Upper Waiting Hall in the Lords’s House. Sir John became more famous in 1850 when he was greeted to join the historic magazine Punch as a political cartoonist. He worked here for almost half a century.

John Tenniel

One of his greatest remembered satirical drawings was Dropping the Pilot, which depicted the forced departure of Otto von Bismarck from the government of Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany in 1890. While at Punch, Lewis Carroll desired the illustrator to work on his upcoming release, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” And so started the partnership of Sir John and Carroll.

The author was famous for being quite particular about the illustrations and gave many details and instructions to Sir John. But later, the author declined to work on Carroll’s second book, “Through The Looking Glass,” and “What Alice Found There”. Although Carroll reached many illustrators, none matched his requirements. Finally, Sir John decided to get back on board after two or a half years.

After his work on the “Alice in Wonderland” series, Tenniel never retook another commission. He was again starting his post at Punch. In 1893, Queen Victoria knighted the Tenniel for his contribution to the arts, for his work in “Alice in Wonderland” and Punch. He died in his home city of London in 1914.

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