Google launches Google Stadia on 19th November: Here is what you need to know about it:

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Google launches Google Stadia on 19th November:

19th November is an important day since Google is taking a big step with its official launch of Google Stadia. Every gaming lover has been anxiously waiting for the streaming platform of games since May. So, 19th November is the day, and every game lover will get access to the cloud gaming of Google.

The subscription services of Google are similar to Netflix subscriptions in a certain way. People can stream the game they want to play on their mobile, laptop and TV. Google Stadia has made it possible for people to enjoy heavy processing all the time on their smart gadgets.

You can get the Google Stadia gaming services from 19th November onwards right after the launch. People buying the subscription on the launch day will be rewarded with a controller with limited edition and three months free trial of Stadia Pro subscription plan.

What Google has launched on 19th November:

Google has launched Google Stadia which is an online service for playing games online without having to buy the hard copy of the game or the console. After buying the subscription of the Google Stadia, the user will be able to get access to the collection of online games at very reasonable rates.

Google had claimed before the launch that it would offer 22 games on the launch of Google Stadia on 19th November.

Google is winning the battle:

With the launch of cloud games, Google will compete with many rivals in the gaming industry. Google is expecting to win the battle against the rivals since it bets that the future of gaming lies in cloud gaming that saves the people from having to buy physical hardware.

When Google gave the news of launch Google Stadia, MSFT of Microsoft also proclaimed testing the xCloud project. Amazon is also rumored to be testing cloud gaming to compete with Google in the cloud gaming industry. So, Google is going to be given a tough time by its rivals.

Google Stadia
Google Stadia Image From Fossbytes

The head of Google Stadia said in an interview ‘’ the technology is possible, but it requires a company like a Google to really make it a reality’’

Platforms to make Google Stadia work:

The best thing that most of the people really liked about Google Stadia is the provision of a wide range of platforms to make Google Stadia work. Google Stadia can be started on laptops with Google Chrome browser and on TV with Chromecast Ultra dongle. The newer Pixel phones will also be able to play the cloud games of Google Stadia. Google is expected to add more platforms in 2020.

How much people have to pay for Google Stadia:

People wanting to enjoy the cloud gaming experience are required to buy the special subscription of Google Stadia this year. The premiere Edition of Google Stadia is available at the price of 129.99$.

This Edition will include a special Stadia controller, a Chromecast dongle and a subscription of three months. Anyone buying the premiere subscription will also get a free pass to share the Stadia with friends. Pre-orders are being taken by Google Stadia for this special Edition.

Google is expected to release the Stadia Pro at the price of 9.99$ per month next year. People will also be able to get a free-to-get version of Google Stadia that will be played on a lower resolution.   

Google Stadia
Google Stadia 2019 Image From 9to5Google

Content on Stadia:

The content Google is launching at Stadia is what will define the success or failure of Stadia. Google is not well-versed with video gaming content. This is what Google is required to learn, Joost van Dreunen, managing director at SuperData says. 

Google has published some names of the games that will be supported by Google Stadia. According to experts, Google does not have much compelling content to launch in the start. However, Google is working to make its own game, and the original content of Google will be available at Google Stadia next year.

Where have the Stadia launched?

Stadia has been launched in 14 different countries of the world, including Germany, France, U.S.A. Stadia will be expanding to more countries next year

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