Google Maps can finally use CarPlay’s excellent dashboard mode

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Google Maps updated

Google Maps has finally been updated to work with Apple’s CarPlay dashboard mode. Which allows users to display their current map directions side by side with music controls.

New Dashboard Mode

Dashboard mode was first introduced in iOS 13 last year, but it was limited to Apple Maps. Apple finally released iOS 13.4 earlier this year. This version provides third-party companies with the option to add support for the dashboard mode in their own map applications, but Google has not really implemented support until now.

How can you use?

Google’s support is the same as Apple’s support starting today, you will be able to launch Google Maps in CarPlay using the same split-screen interface, showing the direction of step-by-step navigation on one side of the screen as well as media controls, calendar appointments, and other useful features.

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In addition to the updated CarPlay app, Google has also launched an updated Google Apple Watch app. Which can provide step-by-step routes directly from your wrist, indicating pre-save The location by public transportation).

Starting today, Google Maps should be able to be used with all CarPlay vehicles. The new app for Apple Watch will be available worldwide “in the coming weeks.”

In addition to the latest CarPlay app, Google can also launch the refreshed Apple Watch app. Which can provide you with step-by-step instructions immediately from a place saved on your wrist

Google Maps should be used with all CarPlay cars from now on, and the new Google Maps app for Apple Watch will be launched globally “in the next few weeks”.

So far, users must use Apple Maps on the “Dashboard” screen. Before the iPhone update was released in March, Apple did not allow the use of third-party mapping applications in the area. The new Google Maps update brings Maps to the CarPlay dashboard.

With CarPlay, you can view some applications, make calls, talk with Siri, and perform other operations in cars that support the application. It can compete with the Google Android Auto platform that can be used on Android phones.

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