Google will let everyone migrate from Hangouts to chat rooms for free in 2021

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Google’s strategy around its messaging app is currently pretty good (Hangouts, Meet, Chat, Duo, and Co.), but it looks like things will become easier next year.

We already know that Hangouts time is coming to an end, as Google announced today, the company will allow all current Hangouts users to migrate to the chat room. First half of 2021

The interesting side is that chat will now also be free for consumers to use. Currently, you must be a paid user of G Suite / Workspace to access the service (although the service has been enabled through my free personal account).

Chat is not an exact one-to-one replacement for Hangouts.

 It actually provides many additional features that can be used for group chat and collaboration around files and tasks, as well as new security tools. Chat and “room and party” features will also be deeply integrated into the Gmail application as part of the Google Workspace migration.

Google said it will automatically migrate all Hangouts conversations, contacts, and history to chat, but no details have been provided yet. Google said that the final timing may change. However, it is not clear when Google will force everyone to migrate and permanently shut down the Hangouts server.

Here are more details:

 If you use Hangouts with Google Fi, Hangouts support will disappear “early next year”. Traditionally, Fi users can make calls and manage their text messages through Hangouts. This experience will be migrated to Google’s “Mail” application.

If you are a Google Voice user, a similar transition will occur. For voice calls and text messages.

 Hangouts users will now be directed to the “Voice” app, and your voice support will be removed from Hangouts early next year.

For all users in the United States and Europe, starting from January next year, Hangouts will no longer use the function of making phone calls, and group video calls in Hangouts will transition to parties in November.

Yes-it sounds complicated, but this is Google’s own problem. A few years ago, the idea was to transfer Hangouts users to its Allo and Duo apps, as well as corporate users to “chat and meetups”.

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