Google’s new game is a fantastic Halloween MOBA that requires no download.

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Google adds The great duel of ghouls to its collection of games themed to the October 31 celebration, coinciding with the official date of Halloween. The narrative advances by proposing a multiplayer game in the shape of a 4v4 battle between the purples and the greens. The objective is to collect as many llamas as possible in order to add them to your side and win the game.

Google typically commemorates important dates by modifying the look of its search engine to reflect the event’s subject; this is known as a Doodle. On rare occasions, such as during the Olympic Games or the Pac-Man anniversary celebration, stated Google is “playable.” In addition, Halloween has been gathering outstanding Doodles for numerous years. The game is now available online.

A fantastic 4v4 game to enjoy with friends.

This year’s Halloween game features a MOBA-style eight-player duel. Four competitors will represent the green side, while four others will represent the purple side: Similar to Splatoon, colors are essential. Although the principal ghosts will not be painting the stage with their own hue, they will be tasked with gathering the stray spirit flames and adding them to their side.


The great ghoul battle occurs in a spooky home, as is customary on Halloween. The mansion is filled with wandering spirit flames, a type of torch that each side must provide to its cause.

It is sufficient to pass over the flames in order for the llamas to join the chain; this will continue behind the players until they get the full string of llamas to their region so that they may be added to the scoreboard.

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Each player controls a ghost who must add flames to their side using a virtual touch pad for simple control. But beware, they are susceptible to theft: if a ghost from the opposing side travels over the chain of flames, their power will transfer to them. They will only be recognized on their respective side’s marker if they manage to extinguish the wandering flames in their territory.


The Halloween game is really straightforward and requires less than a minute to master. Fun, addictive, and filled with mischief, especially when coordinated by friends.

Due to the fact that Google allows you to share the link to the game so that anyone with access to the link can participate, the halloween game performs very well against users who know each other. This is when the spikes become useful.


The new Halloween-themed Doodle joins the roster of high-quality, entertaining, and occasionally creative search engine results that Google occasionally provides. Whoever wishes to play The Great Ghoul Duel need only point to the search engine’s cover; or scroll the desktop to the Discover home page (Google news) and tap at the top of the display.

The game is accessible via the search engine or Google Discover.

The Halloween game has been optimized for mobile screens and will only be accessible on google cover until tomorrow. The epic duel of ghouls will always be accessible in the Doodles area, as is the case with all other Doodles.

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