Gravy Train Dog Food – Beefy Classic

Gravy Train Dog Food is an American pet food brand for dogs. Originally developed by General Foods and got introduced in the year 1959. It is considered as the first pet food brand of Dog food to possess brown gravy after mixed with heated water to the dry kibble, compounding with the kibble’s powder coating. The gravy is meant to form the food additional eatable. The advertising slogan is The Gravy every Dog cannot wait to finish.

Gravy Train was once a brand of General Foods Corporation as a part of its Gaines Division including Gaines Meal, Gaines-Burgers moreover as Prime selection and Top selection. Since the year 2014, the brand has been owned by Big Heart Dog Food Brands that spun faraway from Del Monte Foods.

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Gravy Train primarily consists of byproducts from corn, wheat, and soybeans, polyose gum which is the active ingredient that makes the gravy, bone meal, sustenance, and mineral supplementation with artificial colors, BHA, and rosemary. Most of the ingredients can be well-known for you such as corn, soybean, and fat.

As a lower-end, cheaper brands of pet food go; this brand is average in its selection, ingredients, and nutrients. It’s filled with sensible vitamins, like Vitamins A, E, D3, and B12, and contains a sensible quantity of protein for your dog.

Gravy Train now becomes controversial:

Gravy Train dog food is considered to be the worst dog food for your dogs. According to FDA, they have strictly restricted to use of Gravy train dog food as it is now clinically tested and contains a drug used to euthanize pets.

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