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COMPLEX tweeted

A battle for the ages        #VERZUZ

It is not strange in any era. There is always competition between new and old. But it is quite an exciting battle we are going to watch after the announcement of Gucci.

Gucci Mane announced that he would face Jeezy in the Verzuz battle.

Gucci shared the post on Instagram with the following caption,

“Tell buddies, @verzuztv Trap God vs Snowcone is ready on Thursday, November 19th”

However, it seems that the so-called battle occurred at the same time as Verzuz, Jeezy and T.I. have already been announced. Earlier this week, news broke that Gucci had rejected the opportunity to go back to back with Jeezy.

This is not just a word battle.

“Swizz shot back and said he respectfully refused,” Jeezy continued. “Cool. Keep moving when you’re done. I want to do this for culture.”

Nevertheless, the battle between Jeezy and Gucci seems to be real. After Gucci made the announcement, ItsTheReal posted the same event flyer on Twitter and wrote:

“Received confirmation, real”

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Like Timbaland, who co-created the series with Swizz, T.I. shared it on his Instagram. This may mean that he bowed to Verzuz in support of Gucci.

But after a short time, the posts were missing. But it looks like Timbo and the Verzuz account later deleted their posts.

Back in July, Tip challenged 50 points on the 45th anniversary of the Queen’s rapper.

“For your birthday, I challenge you, sir, T.I. Said, Man, take your 20 records, sit across the hip, and do this job.”

Tip also tried to ignite the fire by referring to the record sales war between Fif and Kanye West in 2007,

“But I know if you don’t want to answer this challenge,” T.I. carries on. “Because the last time you were challenged, Kanye West wiped your ass… I fucked you 50. This time it’s not you. Your directory is in trouble. Your bastard directory meets in trouble.” Tip told Fif that he has 24 hours to respond.

When 50 heard about the challenge, he mentioned Friday. “Someone passed their smoked TI weed on Friday. Lol,” he wrote on IG.

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