Gunman Kills 5 fellow Workers at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

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An employee started firing Wednesday at Milwaukee’s Molson Coors complex. He shot and killed five co-workers and then killed himself, police said.

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Police told the gunman as a 51-year-old Milwaukee man who shot himself and died. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said in a press conference that multiple people had died, he believed, including the shooter.
Five individuals had gone to work that day, just like everybody went to work. And they had thought they had been going to go to work, finish their day and return to their families. They had not— and tragically, they never would.
Authorities did not tell the motive for the attack. Police tweeted that there was no threat anymore. Authorities did not tell details about the shooter.

President Donald Trump also discussed the shooting before speaking at the White House with reporters about actions his administration is taking to fight the coronavirus. He said the shooter killed five people and wounded others.

The president said that his hearts break for them and their loved ones. He sent his condolences. He would be with them, and it was a terrible thing, a terrible thing.

The attack happened at a sprawling complex that includes a mix of nd brewing facilities and corporate offices. At least six hundred people work at the complex, which is widely famous in the Milwaukee area as “Miller Valley”. A reference to the Miller Brewing Co. and now part of Molson Coors.

Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley called the killer “an active brewery employee”. He exclaimed with sorrow that he was devastated to share that he had lost five other members of his family in that tragic incident.
He said in an email sent to employees that there were no words to express the deep sadness many of his were feeling right then.
Gavin Hattersley also said that the office would be closed the rest of the week, and the brewery closed “for the time being” to give people time to cope.

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