Halloween 2020 coming soon, but it looks scarier than ever

Halloween is coming, but it looks scarier than ever just because of current situation. Pandemic plus Halloween is equal to a bad dream, that you never ever imagine before in your whole life. All joke aside you need to worry about this deadly virus rather than ghosts, witches, and scary pumpkins. I know now you are having goosebumps, mine too, huh!

Like other holidays this Halloween has some significant difference from previous Halloween holidays. Traditional activities are now containing high-risk factors in this recent era.

Event planners issues on this Halloween

Event planners are facing issues to plan a safe event, with face mask. The mask part will save the situation and accomplish the instruction of covering the mouth and nose. But we can’t arrange people to get together which was the best part of Halloween.

Tips to make your event safe

Rather than considering your area as a safe zone, you should keep in mind that there is still an epidemic playing its dirty role of taking lives from its evilness. You can serve candy but with a mask. Think from outside of your mind and dress up with a mask, and do whatever but keep your deadly enemy in your mind and then go out and serve candies, make spiders outside of your house. Sanitize the wrappers of the candy, don’t let your kids eat candies with dirty hands, the best advice that I can give to you is to buy your candies and give these to your child. This could be a great gift and treat for your child.

But you don’t need to get panic, we have some great ideas that will help you to enjoy this holiday even during this pandemic.

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Home cinemas on Halloween,

You can choose any movie countless Halloween movies that includes Halloween 2007, insidious, and much more. All you need to do is to select your favorite one and watch it with your family.

Online farms and shops

Pumpkin farmers and farms are ready to deliver pumpkins at your home. You can visit farm stores for homemade treats and pumpkins.

Countless farms are offering homemade doughnuts and more things related to our scary event. Here are some of them:






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