Hands-on practice for Xbox Series X: fast recovery, backward compatibility, and faster loading time

The first batch of Xbox Series X features that we have been able to try focused on earlier games.

 Xbox Series X
Hands-on practice for Xbox Series X: fast recovery, backward compatibility, and faster loading time

Xbox Series X is here. Kind of. Although we have the final hardware unit of the upcoming Microsoft new game console, our hands-on experience so far are some backward-looking features and technical improvements to the way the game loads.

This means that the next generation of games running in 4K on Xbox Series X has not yet produced any impression. Instead, we must try to select some previously released games that run in backward compatibility mode, and must use improved loading times and this new feature called “Quick Recovery”. Frankly speaking, it’s been a while since we played One of the most impressive content seen in hardware.

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Both CNET’s Jeff Bakalar and GameSpot’s Michael Higham had to test these new features on Xbox Series X hardware and described their experiences in the accompanying video.

Jeff said of the “Quick Resume” function: “I fell asleep a little bit.” “Now, for me, I have played many games with Quick Resume now. This is the game-changing feature of Series X.”

The loading time of the new NVMe SSD left a deep impression on Michael. He said: “Now, [Xbox X series] has been catching up with gaming PCs for a while.” “So, while waiting for the game to load, there is no longer a need to scroll doom on the Twitter timeline.”

The following are the main gains of Jeff and Mike:

So far, game consoles have been running almost silently, although these older games have not put too much burden on the hardware

The load time is much faster than Xbox One X (the high-end version of Microsoft’s Xbox One). This includes initial startup, loading and saving, and transitions between parts of the game.

In an unscientific test, it takes about 2 minutes to load Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox One X and 30 seconds on Xbox Series X.

Quick recovery feels like a game-changer. You can switch between games in about 10 seconds, and Mike can run four different games at once. The game will be restored in the exact state you left, without reloading to save or return to the menu screen.

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