Happy birthday, Beyonce! Here are the 20 best songs

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Put on your freak mask and take yourself to the red lobster.

On Friday, our benevolent queen Beyonce died at the age of 39. What better way to celebrate than listening to her entire catalog this long weekend? From her early days in “The Girl’s Tim” and “The Destiny Child” to her 15-year solo career, the 24th Grammy Award winner has been growing And development, while at the same time surprising and shaping the music industry as we know it.

Since it is almost impossible to achieve a perfect ranking, we decided to ask the USA TODAY Life team to pick some of their favorite Beyoncé songs.

Somehow, Beyoncé sounds soothing and calm, but when he re-establishes trust after praising infidelity, he is full of strength and independence. I think this is very difficult for any artist. -Jenna Ryu

Beyoncé has never avoided her blacks, but in the “Black Parade”, she moved to the beat of the black celebrations, which are the generals towards black liberation.

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BeyGOOD Black Business Impact Fund

This infectious piece was released on June 14th, and all the proceeds benefited her BeyGOOD Black Business Impact Fund, which is a voice she seemed to make effortlessly.

Cultural reset. She asked: “Are you ready?” We are not. A young Beyoncé walked onto the stage wearing red high heels, a white vest and blue shorts, and immediately cemented her position as one of the top artists in the game.

Before Lil Nas X took us to the road in the old town, Beyoncé became an early proponent of Yeehaw’s agenda, thanks to the glum country bomber.

The song kicked off with the irresistible New Orleans horn, after which the Houston native wore a cowboy hat to her Southern roots and father/former manager Matthew Knowles. –Patrick Ryan

The most interesting thing about Beyoncé is the brave praise of money and strength, which is Beyoncé’s greatest pleasure, putting a cheeky feminist spin on traditional male hip-hop music. If you have never exploded in a car with a high school student friend while wandering in a McDonald’s parking lot, you really haven’t lived. –Ryan

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